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Monday Cute: Bunny Eating Banana May Be the Most Hypnotic Sight in the World

Get ready for 37 seconds of pure bliss.

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We Interrupt Our Regularly-Scheduled Programming To Bring You A Tiny Bat Nomming A Banana

Ba na na na na na na na, bat bat!

Look at him! All wrapped up! Listen to his munching! Oh gosh! Oh gosh!

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If You Give A Monkey A Banana, You’re Actually a Terrible Enabler

Bananas are a sometimes food, now.

A British zoo has made the executive decision to stop giving its monkeys bananas all the time. But before you object, it's not because British people are against the idea of fun and joy. It's because bananas bred for human consumption are basically the monkey equivalent of cake, and it's adversely affecting the monkeys' health.

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Monday Cute: Kemosabe, the Incredibly Talkative One-Toothed Porcupine


You thought you liked bananas just fine, but that's where this dentally challenged coendou has got you beat. Previously in Cute

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No, CollegeHumor, No! Bad CollegeHumor! Do Not Reward Stupidity

Quick recap if you missed it last week: Henry Gribbohm lost his $2,600 life savings at a carnival game trying to win an Xbox. He did not win the Xbox, but he did win a giant banana. CollegeHumor offered to buy the banana off of him if they got 26,000 Facebook likes on their video. They did. CollegeHumor has purchased the banana from Gribbohm, and even gave him an Xbox. Sigh.

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Show Off Your Love Of Batman & Healthy Eating With A Bananaman T-Shirt

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

This is Batman as a Banana. Not to be confused with Bane as a banana. For the next week, Gimmick Tees is selling this design by artist Walmazan for $15 (with free shipping!). And guess what? It's available in not one, not two, not three, but FOUR women's styles. Check them out after the jump!

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A Song Of Ice And Bananas

Elsewhere on the internet

Ever wonder what would happen if bananas were added to your favorite fantasy and sci-fi stories? Probably not, but the internet did, so hit the jump for a bunch of laughs!

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The Dole Banana Man [Video]

The Dole Banana Man is seemingly set up to be a superhero, but if his power, which allows him to spawn bananas, is the antithesis of someone, a certain blogger who is allergic to bananas, wouldn't that classify him more as a supervillain than a superhero by which marketing can be created? Whatever side of the alignment chart on which Dole Banana Man falls, we know one thing: Even Dole bananas get turned into anime over in Japan, even if this ad happens to be live action anime.

(via WTF Japan Seriously)

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When Life Hands You Rotten Bananas, Make Art

When most of us are confronted with a ripe banana we either turn it into banana bread or send it hurtling toward the trash but Australian artist Jun Gil Park turns your run-of-the-mill banana into astounding works of art by drawing on the fruits with a toothpick. Park uses a standard toothpick to scratch pictures on the skin of bananas; the harder he presses the darker the bruise on the fruit becomes. After about five minutes, the oxidation will start to show, and after a day or two it will become pretty dark, contrasted against the fruit's yellow skin. So, why bananas? For Park, the inspiration to create banana art was really just a matter of finding himself with the necessary materials at his disposal. Park was sitting at a table with family one day with a toothpick in his mouth, when he picked up the banana in front of him and started to draw on it. When he saw the oxidation effect on the bruised fruit and how cool it made the skin look, Park decided to try for more complex designs. Check out more of Park's banana artwork after the jump.

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Frozen, Banana Popsicle is Peelable, Tastes Like Grape and Vanilla Instead of Banana

Discovered over in Hong Kong, this popsicle resembles a banana, with peelable outer layer and all, but missing what seems like the most obvious idea, the popsicle tastes like grape and vanilla instead of banana.

(via The Daily What)

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Banana Peels Purify Water of Heavy Metal

For those of us who aren't deathly allergic to all things banana, it turns out they have a use other than being sustenance and screwing up opposing players in Mario Kart. It turns out banana peels actually purify water. A new study shows that banana peels can pull heavy metals, such as copper and lead, from contaminated river water. Water engineers generally use aluminum oxide, cellulose and silica to rid water of heavy metals, but the way they actually work -- removing the heavy metals via the presence of acids -- is potentially toxic. Thus, banana peels (unless you are highly allergic to bananas), can be much safer than a bunch of acid.

Gustavo Castro, a researcher at the Biosciences Institute in Brazil, claims banana peels are not only safer than the regular methods, but are also more effective, which he and his team found through a study in which they ground banana peels and put them into flasks of contaminated water, as well as built water filters out of the peels. They found that the contaminants stuck to the banana peels in both tests. Of course, this doesn't mean one should soak a bunch of banana peels in their water -- especially since the levels of contaminants in the water in our homes are too low to matter -- but could lead to better filtration methods in the future.

(National Geographic via Neatorama)

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Today in Synesthesia: Fruit Fly Larvae Go Bananas For Blue Light

A group of German scientists headed by Prof. Klemens Störtkuhl have imparted fruit fly larvae with one of the coolest new genetic traits I've heard of today: Synesthesia. Specifically, these larvae can smell light.

With the goal of learning more about the operations of the neural network, these researchers from Bochum and Göttingen have worked to activate specific receptor neurons in the larvae. All 28 olefactory neurons are capable of producing a protein that can be triggered by light, so the scientists had to choose whether to be cruel or kind. Depending on which neuron was activated, the fly would have a very different response to the light. One cell might trigger an odor that repulsed the fly, while another might trigger an attractive scent.

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