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Bananaman Rewarded

Quick recap if you missed it last week: Henry Gribbohm lost his $2,600 life savings at a carnival game trying to win an Xbox. He did not win the Xbox, but he did win a giant banana. CollegeHumor offered to buy the banana off of him if they got 26,000 Facebook likes on their video. They did. CollegeHumor has purchased the banana from Gribbohm, and what’s more, they even gave him an Xbox. Sigh.

Because CollegeHumor is CollegeHumor, of course they filmed the whole transaction, and even got an interview with Gribbohm:

What’s interesting is the way Gribbohm framed the incident. In earlier reports we heard him quoted as saying that he was trying to win his money back, which isn’t how carnival games work. In this latest video, he makes it sound like he had some word-of-mouth deal with the carnival that he’d actually come out with his money and the Xbox for drawing a crowd. Again — that’s not how carnival games work.

In the video Gribbohm said he’d be using the money to make a donation to the Boston Run and start a college fund for his kids. That’s all well and good, but he also waves the $2,600 at the camera and shouts, “Who’s the dummy now?”

Still you. Just because you got $2,600 from CollegeHumor doesn’t make losing $2,600 at a carnival game any smarter.

(via CollegeHumor)

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