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Science Confirms What the Vikings Repeatedly Told Us: Women Were Warriors, Too

DNA research on a warrior grave in Sweden seems to confirm what the stories in Viking sagas would suggest: women, too, could serve as high-status warriors in Viking society.

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Malala Yousafzai Continues to Be Taliban’s Worst Nightmare By Continuing Education at Oxford

You remember Malala Yousafzai, right? The young Pakistani woman who, when she was 14 years old was shot by a Taliban gunman because she dared be a girl who wanted an education? Well, one high school diploma, a documentary, a Nobel Prize, and an eponymous foundation later, Yousafzai is continuing her education at one of the most prestigious universities in the world!

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Disney Parks Are Changing a “Pirates of the Caribbean” Wench Into a Woman Pirate & Shocker, People Are Pissed

People are complaining about a perceived disrespect of Walt Disney's legacy. They also seem to think Disney made up the idea of women pirates.

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Listen to “Bread and Roses,” the Song That Defined the Women’s Labor Movement

The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too.

Labor union leader Rose Schneiderman (1882-1972) was a firebrand of organizing and advocacy within the women's movement. She originated the phrase "bread and roses" in a speech rallying women to fight for more than just the bare necessities. The phrase would go on to inspire a poem and one of the most famous songs in American history.

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Things We Saw Today: This Spot-On Cosplay of Jane from Daria

Tumblr user "diamondideozu" just uploaded a huge photo-set of her stunning cosplay of Jane, Daria's best friend on the iconic 90s TV show Daria.

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Female Voters Pay Tribute to Susan B. Anthony With “I Voted” Stickers Ahead of Potentially Electing First Female President

It's an exciting time to be a woman in the U.S. With tomorrow's election, we have the possibility of electing the country's first female President. It's an indicator of how far we've come, and also a reminder that for women, the right to vote was not always something that we could take for granted. There was a point where it wasn't a given. When it was something that had to be fought for. Rather like the Presidency.

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43 Real-Life Female Leaders We’d Love to See Included in Civilization VI

Deal with it. Historically.

While it sometimes takes a bit more effort to uncover their stories, women have contributed to every civilization in the world, and history-inspired pop culture like the Civseries can have a huge role in making that clearer.

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Geena Davis Hosts League of Their Own Mini-Reunion

League of Their Own Mini-Reunion

For the Bentonville Film Festival, actress Geena Davis formed a League of Their Own reunion, reuniting most of the cast of the 90s movie.

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WTF History Presents Revolutionary War Soldier Anna Maria, AKA the American Mulan

Get your sh** together, history.

Why didn't we learn about this in school? WTF history, indeed.

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Things We Saw Today: #WomenOnQuarters Petition Almost at 35,000 Signatures

There's currently a petition going around asking the US Treasury to feature great American women on quarters. They've rallied around the hashtag #WomenOnQuarters. Check out the petition and sign today!

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Everyone, We Need to Talk About 17th-Century Badass Writer Margaret Cavendish

Because the idea of “geek culture” is relatively new, and because women have to fight tooth and nail to get respect within that culture (cf. Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian or Brianna Wu and Gamergate), we tend to forget that even in this brave new world we have predecessors, women who fought battles we can only imagine, women who blazed trails—or, in Margaret Cavendish’s case, blazed whole new worlds.

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The Amazing Scientific Achievements of the Woman Who Kickstarted Paleontology

"Thanks, Mary Anning." -Steven Spielberg [citation needed]

Before Mary Anning and her contemporaries, it was still widely assumed that fossils were just remains from existing animals and not generally useful for science (nor put in the ground by Satan). Thought most of her work wound up being published by men because life in the early 19th century was awful, Anning made a ton of important discoveries—including what bezoar stones actually were, because she needed to see the dinosaurs' droppings.

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Elle Fanning to Play Mary Shelley in New Biopic by Wadjda‘s Haifaa Al-Mansour


Mother of science fiction (well, one of them) Mary Shelley, writer of Frankenstein, is getting the Shakespeare In Love treatment courtesy of Wadjda director Haifaa al-Mansour. Calling it right now: Ben Affleck for Lord Byron.

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50 Female-Directed Movies You Should Watch, Part 3: Foreign Films

You didn't have any non-movie-watching plans this week, right?

Welcome to day three of our series on films by female directors. We've covered mainstream and American independent movies so far, and now we move on to foreign flicks.

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We Would Watch Every Movie In This “Rejected Princesses” Art Series

Especially the one with Hatshepsut.

Animated children's movies often draw from source material that isn't particularly kid-friendly, but there are some stories that just can't be sugarcoated. This is where artist Jason Porath (a former effects animator at DreamWorks) comes in. His "Rejected Princesses" series depicts women from history and legend who are either "way too awesome, way too awful, or way too weird" for a Hollywood greenlight.

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Ubisoft Blames Lack of Female PCs in Assassin’s Creed on “Reality of Production”

Today in things that make us scream incoherently

Readers, meet Charlotte Corday. She was born in 1768, and at the age of twenty-five was executed by guillo

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The Scarlet Pimpernel and What Superheroes Owe to Baroness Emma Orczy

You'd think after discovering that Alexandre Dumas was multiracial years ago, I'd have learned to assume less about the writers of historical adventure novels, but I had no idea that The Scarlet Pimpernel was written by a woman. Or narrated by a woman! They left that out of the Broadway show and illustrated book retelling of the Looney Tunes adaptation that were, uh, my only experiences of the story as a kid. Here's to reading the original! Previously in Badass Women in History

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10 Hardcore Female Military Leaders From History

Power Grid

300: Rise of An Empire came out on Friday, and its release should give Queen Artemisia of Caria some well-deserved public recognition. Played by Eva Green in the film, Artemisia was a real-life naval commander for Xerxes the Great's fearsome Persian military in the 5th century BCE. According to the writings of war historian Polyaenus, Xerxes declared that she was the finest officer in his fleet. But she's far from the only amazing female military commander in history. Here are ten others, most (though not all) of whom have never had movies made about them... but definitely should someday soon.

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Maggie Q to Star in Series Based on Pirate Queen Ching Shih, the Terror of the South China

Buckle Buckle Swash Swash

Deadline is reporting that one of our favorite historical ladies may be coming to a television screen near you: Ching Shih, a pirate's widow who, at the dawn of the 1800's, began a career that would make her one of the most notorious pirates in the world, the terror of the Chinese, British, and Portugese navies, so unstoppable that the only way to end her naval empire wound up being to offer her complete amnesty and a nice retirement.

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Let Us Renew Our Vows, Tumblr That’s Just Illustrated Puns on Famous Ladies Names

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Seven months ago, I pledged myself utterly to, in the most formal way I could manage on short notice. At the time I wasn't even sure if a human being could marry a blog! Especially if they've never even talked to the people who run it! But I'm happy to report that more than half a year later, Ladypuns still brings me joy with every post.

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