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These Musicians Filtered Their Whole Music Video Through the Prisma App

And it looks really cool.

You’ve probably seen the Prisma app in action, even if you didn’t realize that’s what you were looking at. It’s the latest free photo editor sweeping selfies across the internet; you download the app, upload a photo, and transform your image into a stylized painting. The results will look a lot like this new music video by the Dutch band Drive Like Maria, featuring their song “DEEP BLUE”… except that this video was a lot more complicated to make than just uploading a single selfie and trying out all the free Prisma filters.

Drive Like Maria worked with production house sixteenbynine to put together this multifaceted masterpiece, which started out as a “normal” music video at first, before getting filtered with the Prisma effects. After the video was shot and edited, the team had to go through every single frame of video and run it through Prisma, then put them back together again.

Nitzan Hoffmann, the band’s guitarist, explained to Peta Pixel: “We figured that if we’d process 600 pictures each (Bert, Bjorn, and myself) it would take about 5 hours per person to process everything at 30 seconds per picture. By the time we started processing, the Android version of Prisma was also available, so we could use iPhones and Android phones at the same time.”

The band had to convert all 1,828 frames of video, plus attempt to keep the image files in order between the three of them, so that they could be edited back into the final video. These musicians were really big fans of the Prisma app, okay? REALLY big fans.

(via Laughing Squid)

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