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So Molecular Sensor “Tricorders” Exist, And They Can Tell You Exactly What’s In Your Food

Now we can all know exactly what makes cheese so cheesy.


Have you ever caught yourself eating something and wondering, “Gee, I sure hope there isn’t any semen in this?” Well luck is with you, strange friend, because the folks at SCiO have developed a real-life tricorder that can scan and determine the exact molecular make-up of whatever you happen to be eating at the moment.

The SCiO Kickstarter launched this week, created by an Israeli company called Consumer Physics, and hit its goal within twenty-four hours; unsurprising, for a USB-shaped tricorder that you can pick up for as low as $149. The tricorder is essentially an infra-red spectronomer that can read an object’s “molecular fingerprint,” sending it to a smartphone app that delivers you easy-to-read results in seconds.

The tricorder (yes, I know it’s called SCiO, but damn it, Jim, I’m calling it a tricorder) is made with the same tech used by big quality-control companies, but on a much smaller, consumer-friendly scale. It can tell you exactly what’s in your fruit, cheese, or veggies (including fat, protein, and carb levels) down to the milligram. Diet like a boss.

If you’re extra-curious about other things you might put inside you, the tricorder can also be used to scan medicine and houseplants, or could be a handy tool to make sure your drink hasn’t been spiked at a bar. Or, you know, to make sure your waiter hasn’t spit in your food. But you probably shouldn’t have been such a jerk to her anyways.

(via CNN)

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