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Once Upon a November: Anastasia Turns 20!

Let's talk about how the animated classic handles history, Rasputin, and of course, Dimitri's hair.

Have you heard, there's a rumor that today is the 20th anniversary of Anastasia coming out in movie theaters … We talked to a Russia expert to learn how accurate the history was, the truth behind Rasputin, and what really happened to Anastasia.

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Ghost in the Shell Anime Returning to Theaters for 22nd Anniversary

Look alive, Ghost in the Shell enthusiasts. In honor of its 22nd anniversary, the 1995 anime is heading back to theaters for a two-day run in early February.

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It’s The 30th Anniversary of Clue!

I'm not shouting! All right, I am! I'm shouting, I'm shouting, I'm shout--

On this day, December 13th, the movie Clue premiered 30 years ago--and though it definitely wasn't a big success in theaters, it's become a beloved cult classic since then. It's tough to find anyone who hasn't watched Clue at least once (even though it's a movie with so many great jokes that it demands multiple viewings in order to appreciate everything).

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LEGO Is Releasing a Fan-Created 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Playset (Slime Not Included)

Listen! Do you smell something? It's super-amazing LEGOs!

LEGO came, LEGO saw, and LEGO kicked ass. Today, LEGO CUUSOO announced the results of their fan-creation competition, and though there were lots of great finalists—including a female mini-fig set I'd still love to see—only one CUUSOO finalist is making it to mass-production today: the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Playset!

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Deep Space Nine Turns 20 Today and You Should Watch It Tonight

Has it really been two decades already? On January 3, 1993, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine made its debut, making this the twentieth birthday of perhaps the most underrated show in the Trek canon. Just one more year until the show can go out for drinks with friends at Quark's Bar and wake up with no eyebrows and a throbbing Romulan Ale hangover. Until that embarrassing incident, allow us to make a brief argument for the show, and why you should spend this evening getting reacquainted with it.

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The Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Box Set Has All 13 Main Games

At an event today, Square Enix announced a special Final Fantasy box set for the franchise's 25th anniversary. The most notable inclusion in the box set is not a special art book, or limited DLC, but all thirteen main games included in one box. Don't you worry, Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy XIII-2 are kept out of your awesome anniversary set.

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Happy 25th Anniversary, GIF!

Out of all the file formats, the GIF probably garners the most mixed feelings. They're technically not strictly used for animated images, but that's generally how you'll come across them on the Internet. They're the reason the page you're trying to load takes a million years, but they're also the reason you don't have to send YouTube links that start at specific times to your friends to show them a quick, funny thing that happened. To the Internet, the animated GIF is both a blessing and a curse. Back on this day, June 15, in 1987, the Graphics Interchange Format was born, so whether or not you hate them, this sometimes derisive, sometimes beloved file format deserves recognition. Happy 25th anniversary, GIF. I don't know how many adorable animal scenes and extremely weird Japanese game show segments I would have missed without you.

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Ted Williams, (Formerly) Homeless Man With the Golden Voice, One Year Later

About this time last year, the Internet discovered Ted Williams; a homeless man with a so-called "golden voice." Given the explosive recognition Williams received, he was soon given a number of job offers, a home, and the chance to start life over again. Along the way, Williams has hit several bumps in the road and gone through a grueling battle with addiction. But in an anniversary update from Entertainment Tonight, Williams appears happy, healthy, and optimistic about the future. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the video is that when the Internet meets Williams this time, he's in his own home. See the video, after the break.

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Honoring Yuri Gagarin’s First Flight

Early next week will be the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight, which began with Yuri Gagarin and Vostok-1. To prepare for that auspicious day, has put together this handsome infographic breaking down the vital components of the flight and the craft. The chart brings up some interesting points, such as how Gagarin's spacecraft did not separate correctly, and that he rode atop a modified ICBM -- a telling indication of the Space Race's relationship to the Cold War. To find out more about the historic mission and to see the full-size infographic, be sure to keep reading below.

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Get Ready for Linux’s 20th Birthday [Video]

On August 25, 2011, the Linux operating system will celebrate its 20th anniversary, tracing its roots back to an online posting made by creator Linus Torvalds in 1991. Since then, Linux has gone on to become one of the most widely distributed operating systems, powering everything from supercomputers to cellphones. For the uninitiated, this short video takes you through the history of the operating system, and focuses on the unique free licensing that allowed Linux to take off. Even if you've never touched a Linux machine (though, as this video makes clear, you probably have) it's certainly worth a watch. That a free operating system has not only survived but thrived is an outstanding achievement, and worth commemorating. In honor of their anniversary, the Linux Foundation has also released an infographic, marking major milestones along the way. The most surprising is no doubt the origin of Tux, the penguin mascot, so be sure to read on below.

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Happy 15th Anniversary, PlayStation: This is Your life

While celebrating the original PlayStation's 15th anniversary of its North American launch and thanking Sony for the years of fond gaming memories, it helps to know from exactly where the console that brought gaming to the forefront came.

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