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It’s The 30th Anniversary of Clue!

I'm not shouting! All right, I am! I'm shouting, I'm shouting, I'm shout--


On this day, December 13th, the movie Clue premiered 30 years ago–and though it definitely wasn’t a big success in theaters, it’s become a beloved cult classic since then. It’s tough to find anyone who hasn’t watched Clue at least once (even though it’s a movie with so many great jokes that it demands multiple viewings in order to appreciate everything).

BuzzFeed news reporter Adam B. Vary wrote an amazing feature about the making of Clue which features interviews with most of the cast from the film. (Eileen Brennan, who played Mrs. Peacock, died in July 2013, and Madeline Kahn, the brilliant Mrs. White with the flames on the side of her face, passed away in 1999.) But there’s some great anecdotes in there–not just from the cast but also writer-director Jonathan Lynn.

Michael McKean (a.k.a. Mr. Green) seems to have nailed down the reason for why the film has such long-lasting appeal 30 years after its premiere date:

It’s a movie that is about adult stuff, but you don’t need a lot of hands-on experience to know what they’re talking about. It’s about murder and sex and blackmail, but you don’t really get your hands dirty because it’s so silly. It’s almost like the characters in it were based on characters in a game. Oh, wait a minute!

My first memory of Clue was watching it at an age that was probably too young–most of the jokes definitely went over my head the first time around. It was years later that I finally got around to watching it again, and now I have a DVD copy of my very own that I can pop in and revisit whenever I want. In fact, I think that’s what I’m going to spend today doing.

What are your favorite Clue moments? How old were you when you first saw the film? Which ending do you prefer?

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