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LEGO Is Releasing a Fan-Created 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Playset (Slime Not Included)

Listen! Do you smell something? It's super-amazing LEGOs!

Ghostbusters LEGO

LEGO came, LEGO saw, and LEGO kicked ass. Today, LEGO CUUSOO announced the results of their fan-creation competition, and though there were lots of great finalists—including a female mini-fig set I’d still love to see—only one CUUSOO finalist is making it to mass-production today: the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Playset!

Brent Waller put an incredible amount of work into his LEGO rendition of Ghostbusters, which includes mini-figs of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, and Slimer, as well as their Ectomobile “Ecto-1.” Here’s Waller’s great CUUSOO campaign video:

Through LEGO CUUSOO, the LEGO team checks out every fan-submitted LEGO creation that receives over 10,000 supporters. Then, those finalists are evaluated in the “LEGO Review,” where the projects are tested for stability, playability, safety, intellectual property, market fit, and more. The creations that pass the Review end up in mass production with LEGO. Here’s the official announcement video with images of all the finalists and details on the Ghostbusters set!

The playset will hit shelves later this year, but no price has been set as of today. Here’s hoping it doesn’t sell out as quickly as the LEGO Mars Curiosity Rover!

(via GhostbustersNews, image via Lego Cuusoo)

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