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Like a Mother: Our Favorite Pop Culture Maternal Figures That Aren’t Moms

Motherhood comes in all different forms.

These women prove that there is no one way to be a mother.

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Things We Saw Today: Harvard’s Top Astronomer Is Causing an Alien Hubbub

Avi Loeb, Harvard's astronomy chair, sparked excitement and ruffled feathers with the suggestion that an alien ship could be sailing past Jupiter.

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The Predator Filmed Alternate Endings With Aliens‘ Ripley and Newt

Shane Black's film almost brought the beloved Aliens characters into the Predator universe.

Two alternate endings were shot that would have reinvigorated not only the film's ending, but the Alien franchise as well.

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NASA Is Hiring a “Planetary Protection Officer.” Please Line Up in an Orderly Fashion.

So is the application process a Last Starfighter situation or ... ?

You know the kind of sci-fi movie where you're staring at the screen in disbelief not because of the amazement of how far special effects have come, but because some bonehead is getting a little too comfortable with a seemingly harmless specimen from an alien world, and you just know it's about to sprout some gnarly teeth and gnaw some faces off? Yeah, NASA's seen those, too, which is why they have a "planetary protection officer" job opening.

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Ripley Deserves Better Than What Ridley Scott Has Planned for Her Story in Aliens Prequels

Ridley Scott said that we might end up seeing Ripley again in those Alien prequels, though perhaps tangentially.

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Game Over, Man: Ridley Scott Says Aliens 5 Just Isn’t Happening Anymore

To fans waiting for that Neill Blomkamp sequel to Aliens: I'm sorry, but it's game over for you.

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The Government Set Up a Hotline to Report Aliens & Oh Boy Did the Internet Comply

I don't think this is the kind of alien activity they meant.

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NASA Says Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is Coughing Up Ingredients for Alien Life

On Earth, where we find water, we find life, so that's where we like to look for life in space, too. That's not just limited to planets, though, and a few moons in our own solar system seem to be hiding sub-surface oceans that could harbor alien life. One of those is Saturn's moon Enceladus, which NASA announced today is giving off a chemical that's a potential sign of habitability deep within the planet's ocean.

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Scientists Hypothesize Radio Bursts From Beyond Our Galaxy Could Be Driving Super Fast Alien Ships

One of the persisting questions in science is, "Are we alone in the Universe?" and we've long been searching the skies for potential signals from alien civilizations. Now, scientists are considering a new possibility: We might have already found alien signals and just not realized it yet, because proving it is probably beyond our current capabilities. That's a new hypothesis from Harvard scientists about the phenomenon of Fast Radio Bursts.

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Bill Paxton, “The Only Actor To Be Killed By a Terminator, a Predator, and a Xenomorph,” Passes Away at 61

Bill Paxton, the Emmy-nominated star of Big Love, Aliens, Apollo 13, and numerous genre films, has passed away due to complications from surgery.

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Yep, Paul Reiser’s Upcoming Appearance in Stranger Things Is Intended to Remind You of Aliens

According to Stranger Things co-creators Ross and Matt Duffer, Paul Reiser's casting was intended as an intentional harkening back to his role as Carter Burke in Aliens.

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Things We Saw Today: It’s Star Trek: The Next Generation Versus Aliens in Comic Crossover

Picard and crew will reportedly be facing off against the Xenomorphs--and something tells me that even Data might have a hard time sticking to the Prime Directive.

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Hold Up, Internet: SETI Isn’t as Excited About That “Alien Signal” as You Are

Tbh I don't blame the aliens for not wanting to talk to us.

Yesterday, news got out that a radio telescope had detected a signal from deep space that wasn't necessarily not aliens, so of course, the Internet ran with it. Everyone's so busy talking about what kind of alien civilization it would have to be to send us the signal that one particular sticking point got a bit overlooked: It's not likely to be an alien signal at all.

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Things We Saw Today: Prince’s “Paisley Park” to Open As a Museum in October

Prince's family has announced that Paisley Park will now be a Prince museum that will be open to the public in October.

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Largest-Ever Radio Telescope Fully Installed and Ready* to Search for Aliens

*After some debugging.

SETI has long been the face of the search for extraterrestrial life, but as that search continues to come up empty, others are getting in on the game with continually larger radio telescopes to search for E.T. phoning home. Now, China has finished the installation of the world's largest radio telescope—almost twice the size of the next-largest and ready to fund us some aliens just in time for Independence Day.

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Things We Saw Today: Your Favorite Action Stars, Now With Selfie Sticks Instead of Guns

"Stop taking pictures of her, you bitch" - Ellen Ripley. Probably.

Somewhere, there is an alternate universe where what defines a badass action star is not violence, or their weapons, but their ability to take a quality self-portrait on their phones mid-battle. Check out The WOW Report, where they have a bunch of classic action stars wielding selfie sticks instead of guns. Because no alien attack should get in the way of a good photo.

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[UPDATED] Complete Your Ripley Cosplay With Reebok’s “Alien Stomper” Sneakers

Every Ripley cosplayer knows the hardest part of the costume to perfect: the sneakers. In Aliens, Sigourney Weaver wore a fantastic pair of shin-high red and white Reeboks, but Reebok doesn't make them anymore ... until today!

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The Mary Sue Exclusive Clip: Listen to Audible’s Original Drama Alien: Out of the Shadows

Could your commute use a little more Ripley?

On April 26th (designated "Alien Day" by the powers that be), Alien fans will be able to listen to a brand-new Alien story over on Audible.

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A Little Girl Dressed as BB-8 Faces Off Against a Tiny Xenomorph Cosplayer

Lights up on BB-8, wandering through a crowded space station, deep in the heart of an unknown galaxy. Surrounded by mysterious and unfamiliar life forms, she remains steadfast. She has one tool in her arsenal: a thumbs-up of self-confidence.

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Stop EVERYTHING: Reebok to Sell Sneakers Based on Ellen Ripley’s Kicks in Aliens

You can look fashionable while saving your cat/little girl/the human race, too.

As part of "Alien Day," Reebok has announced that they'll be selling sneakers based on the "Alien Stomper" design that was custom-made for Sigourney Weaver/Ellen Ripley in Aliens.

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