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All This UFO Stuff Has Overrun TikTok With Doomsday Prep

Stitch smiling in Lilo and Stitch

So I guess aliens are here? A lot is happening in the world and none of it is great! Between train derailments, wars, weird lights in the sky, and pieces of the Sun breaking off, it seems as if everything is throwing in the towel at the same time. And on top of it all, aliens are just flying around without even pretending to be secretive anymore. (Alright fine, it seems like probably just more spy game stuff, but let me have this for a minute.)

In the midst of all the panic, I have one important question: What kind of aliens are we talking about? Because there have been a lot through the years that we’ve explored, and I mean, I have my preference on who I want them to be and who I’d rather avoid, if possible. Some of these aliens are more of the “cut you open and destroy your insides” kind, while others want to be your friend.

Look, if we got a bunch of Stitches hanging around, it’d be a little happy because I love Experiment 626 a lot. But if we’re talking Ridley Scott’s take on the extraterrestrial, I’d rather not! This is a very import distinction because we’re all just excited to act like that guy from Ancient Aliens, and I don’t think anyone is really thinking about what it means to have them around. I don’t want that alien ride that used to exist in Disney World to become my reality, you know what I’m saying?

Ancient Aliens guy meme
(History Channel)

This entire situation though is just weird, not because we have aliens hanging around and there are green lights just hovering over Hawaii that we’re pretending don’t exist. But this all comes to a head with the odd influx of doomsday prepping and general fear-mongering happening on TikTok.

Why is TikTok doomsday prepping!?

I just was minding my own business, scrolling through TikTok aimlessly before I fell asleep, and was accosted by video after video of people preparing for the end of days. First of all, I live in New York City. When the apocalypse comes, I’m doomed, so seeing all this preparation for something that will inevitably lead to my demise isn’t exactly soothing before I try to sleep.

And I don’t seem to be the only one with this problem. In the midst of the “here is my apocalypse bag” videos or the “a tsunami with sharks will take out all of New York City” videos are people wondering why their entire FYP is talking about doomsday.

The reality is simply that a lot of things are happening in the news that are bad! But they’re also all things that aren’t exactly outrageous given our current landscape—except for maybe the influx of aliens. That feels like they finally got tired of us trying to break into Area 51 for proof and decided to just show themselves. My question is simply … how concerned should I be about them?

At the end of the day, though, if this is the apocalypse, can the aliens take me first? I love you guys—big fan!

(featured image: Disney)

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