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Ghostbusters Toy Sales Have “Exceeded Expectations”

Bustin' expectations makes me feel good!

Kids have also supported the movie really well--after a decent opening weekend, the film went on to gross $62 million domestically within the first week, and the younger audience members have been giving it an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars over the past weekend.

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Hasbro Excludes Rey and Captain Phasma From Action Figure Set, History Repeats Itself

Time is a flat circle.

Looks like Hasbro is at it again. There's a set of six action figures from The Force Awakens being sold at Target, and you'll never guess who's missing. I'm mostly kidding, you already know who's missing: Rey and Captain Phasma.

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Thank You, Universe, for This Black Widow Action Figure

Okay, it's not perfect? But, hey, we'll take it

This new Black Widow action figure by Diamond Select makes me feel a lot better about life, the universe, and everything. Way moreso than that other new Black Widow figurine by Play Arts Kai ... or, y'know, the noted lack of Black Widow merch overall. And the fact that sometimes she doesn't even get to be on The Avengers' DVD covers. But I digress.

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This… Interesting Play Arts Kai Black Widow Figurine Leaves Us Speechless

This... sure is a thing they've made. A-yup.

So there's a lot we could say about this Black Widow figurine.

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Here’s Your Shot to Get Hasbro to Make a Badass Female Star Wars Character Figure

Sabine Wren, the badass Mandalorian artist /weapons expert (yeah, really!) made the final cut and is currently in second place with 25% of the vote.

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Hasbro Didn’t Intend to Misgender Jurassic World Toys, Promises Dinos Will Henceforth Be Clever Girls

Raptor high five!

After being asked by Yahoo Movies to comment on their decision to gender-swap Jurassic World action figures like Blue the raptor, Indominus Rex, and the T-Rex, Hasbro has promised to rectify the error in toy descriptions.

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New Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch Figure From Hot Toys Will Power Up Your Imagination


I'm not usually one who collects figures or manquettes, but this beautiful Scarlet Witch 1/6 scale collectible figure from Hot Toys just might make me part with my money due to sheer awesomeness. Check out the pics of Scarlet Witch "in action" after the jump!

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Return to SNL with Their Own Weekend Update Action Figures

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Will you nerds be at SDCC this year? So will two of our favorite ladies!

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Black Canary Gets Her Own Funko Pop And Action Figure (And Some Other Arrow & Flash Characters, I Guess)

More lady toys are good news for everyone! Black Canary is finally getting her own Pop! Vinyl and ReAction figure from Funko - along with Oliver Queen and the rest of the residents of Starling City. The Pop! figures will be available in May, and the ReAction figures in July.

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Warrior Goddesses: Why Female Action Figures Are So Important


For children of the '80s, action figures for girls were a new phenomenon on the market. Girls of my generation had a taste with the 1970s Lynda Carter Wonder Woman doll, but prior to that, toys marketed specifically to girls were often fashion dolls or baby dolls.

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New Daenerys and Dragon Figure Will Soon Be Available for Pre-Order

Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Wallets.

Dark Horses' growing Game of Thrones figure collection has always been pretty incredible. But one question keeps nagging at us—where are our dragons? Calm down, nerds, they're right here. Well, one of them, anyway. Also, he's very expensive. But oooooh, look at him!

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Captain Marvel Finally Gets Her Own Action Figure, Sadly No Toy Dinosaurs To Punch

Tiny Chewie not included.

And she's not the only female character in this new line, either! Hooray!

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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Gives Toys “R” Us A Sick Barbie Burn


You may have heard the story of a mother who petitioned for Toys "R" Us to remove Breaking Bad action figures from their shelves. Well, Mr. Pinkman had a few words in response.

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NYCC: Clementine, From Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Gets An Amazing Action Figure

Comes in both "Normal" and "Zombie Apocalypse Normal."

The 11-year-old star of Telltale Game's The Walking Dead, Clementine, is the next bad-ass gal to get her own action figure. And if you don't buy it—Clementine will remember that.

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You Can Get A Marvel Action Figure Made With Your Face At Walmart. Unless You Want A Female Character, Of Course.

Only boys get to be superheroes, duh.

Chances are, I will never be a superhero. It's something I've had to come to terms with. But now, thanks to Marvel, the most painful aspect of non-superherodom (the lack of a personalized action figure, obviously) has been mitigated. Starting tomorrow, you can head to stores near you and have a Marvel action figure made, featuring your very own face. As long as you're cool with being either Iron Man or Captain America. Sorry, girls; superheroes aren't for you I guess.

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The First Official Dancing Groot Toy Can Now Legally Boogie His Way Into Our Hearts

"Dancing Groot," to be sung to the tune of "Dancing Queen."

Here you go.

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Hey, Readers: How Should We Caption These Baymax Action Figure Pictures?

Hairy baby! Hairy babeeeee.

Earlier today, Susana showed you a look at some of Big Hero 6 merchandise Disney sent to us. It was very professional and journalistically-appropriate post. Both of us decided that level of quality and integrity would not stand, so we took a bunch of dorky pictures where Baymax hangs out with our ever-growing collection of office action figures. You're welcome, Internet!

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Shirtless Arrow, Grumpy Batman, & All-New DC Collectibles Of Your Favorite DC Women

Money doesn't buy happiness, or shirts, apparently.

Ok, I will be honest, while we're pretty sure it's in Stephen Amell's Arrow contract that he must be shirtless at least once an episode, we never thought they'd make an action figure out of it. See all that and more fabulous DC Collectibles you can soon have on your shelves.

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Funko Is Releasing A Bloody Hannibal Lecter Pop! Figure As An SDCC Exclusive

Be still my tasty, beating heart

The exclusives are coming! The exclusives are coming! We previously showed you the Ghostbusters figures Funko is releasing exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con, but they’re not done yet. Also in Things You're Going to Have to Beg That Friend Of Yours Going to SDCC To Get You (*eyedart at Jill*): This bloody Hannibal Lecter Pop! figure, and more!

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Super-Moms Create Line Of Figurines That Let Kids “Play With Power”

24 is still a kid, right? At least when awesomeness is involved?

Julie Kerwin and Dawn Nadeau were dissatisfied with the the action figures available to their kids, so they took matters into their own hands--the intrepid moms just raised an incredible 465% of their Kickstarter goal for IAmElemental, a line of fierce figurines that nurture the superhero inside every girl.

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