New Daenerys and Dragon Figure Will Soon Be Available for Pre-Order

Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Wallets.
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Dark Horses’ growing Game of Thrones figure collection has always been pretty incredible. But one question keeps nagging at us—where are our dragons? Calm down, nerds, they’re right here. Well, one of them, anyway. Also, he’s very expensive. But oooooh, look at him!

Inspired by that scene from the season 4 premiere where Drogon almost turns on his mother, this limited edition figure measures 14” across and 18” from front to back, and will be officially unveiled during the 2015 Toy Fair this February at the Javits Center in New York. Here it is from another angle:


Unfortunately dragons aren’t the sorts of prizes to come cheap—the suggested retail price for this figure when it’s released in summer 2015 is a whopping $424.99. But, you know, considering that the last person who tried to buy a dragon had to give away an entire army and then also die horribly, that’s actually not that bad a trade-off.

(via Dark Horse Newsletter)

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