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Hey, Readers: How Should We Caption These Baymax Action Figure Pictures?

Hairy baby! Hairy babeeeee.

2014-07-17 17.21.06

Earlier today, Susana showed you a look at some of Big Hero 6 merchandise Disney sent to us. It was very professional and journalistically-appropriate post. Both of us decided that level of quality and integrity would not stand, so we took a bunch of dorky pictures where Baymax hangs out with our ever-growing collection of office action figures. You’re welcome, Internet!

First up, we tried to recreate a scene from the Big Hero 6 trailer, but with moon cats.

cats and baymax

“Hairy babies!”

The sailor senshi themselves were a little less quick to trust their new robot pal, for the most part.

photo 3

“Don’t mind my friends. They’re not good with science.”

And, last but not least, my personal favorite (which doesn’t involve the senshi, shocker):

photo 1

“FINALLY, someone else who appreciates the aesthetic value of massive gloves and chest armor. It’s been so lonely.”

We know our commenters are chock full of some great ideas for jokes (heck, we round up our favorites every week!), so we want to know what you all can do with these pictures. Your prize? Our eternal admiration, and also maybe some cookies. Let’s get crackin’, team!

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