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Mashup Puts Star Wars and Jurassic Park Together at Last

I seriously don’t know what we’d do without YouTube-hosted pop culture mashups. We need them to help offset all the nefarious uses people have created with the Internet (malware, porn, etc.). So thank the stars we have videos like this one — “Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park” (on the YouTube channel Slacktory) — which combines two things that while awesome on their own, are also surprisingly awesome mashed together, sort of like a cinematic version of chocolate and peanut butter.

I’ll go ahead and say that Star Wars isn’t vastly improved with Jurassic Park dialogue — but the reverse is absolutely true. The only thing that tropical theme park was missing all this time was an AT-AT. (Although would it have killed them to put some Jeff Goldblum in Return of the Jedi? That would have been okay.)

So mission accomplished, Internet. Thank you for being you.

Have a watch.

(via YouTube)

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