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Things We Saw Today: Starz Is Making a Mini-Series About Catherine of Aragon

Starz is adapting another Tudor era show, Lando Calrissian will not be the focus of the next Star Wars Anthology movie, Gina Rodriguez finally comes to the 99, and A.I. are gonna teach you to see Asian actors in leading roles, damn it!

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Solo Screenwriter Says That Lando’s Sexuality Is Fluid, Wants More LGBT Characters in Star Wars

When asked about Lando Calrissian's sexuality, Jonathan Kasdan had some wonderful things to say.

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America Young and Dove Meir Use “Hana Solo and Slave Leo” to Fight for Gender Equality and LGBTQIA Representation

If you follow the Internet's favorite uncle, Mark Hamill, on Twitter, you may have noticed the above tweet, featuring actors America Young and Dove Meir cosplaying as "Hana Solo" and "Slave Leo." The two Star Wars fans recently discussed the reasoning behind their pretty epic photo shoot.

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Thandie Newton Wears Dress Covered in Black Star Wars Characters to Cannes Screening

Thandie Newton knows how to make a statement in a gown. When Solo: A Star Wars Story was screened at the Cannes Film Festival last night, Newton came dressed in a custom Vivienne Westwood gown with action-figure likenesses of all the black Star Wars characters that have appeared on screen before her.

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Kathleen Kennedy Says a Lando Spinoff—A.K.A. the Only One We Really Want—Is Totally Possible

But it's not confirmed ... yet.

Ever since Donald Glover's casting was announced for Solo, my first thought was, But what about a Lando movie? Turns out, Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm's answer to that, despite being partly lost in translation, is: Sure.

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We’re Pretty Sure This Solo Trailer With Young Harrison Ford’s Face Is Cursed

Be careful what you wish for.

Oh god, I'm so sorry, everyone. I wished so hard that we could have had Solo: A Star Wars Story featuring an actual young Harrison Ford, and it seems only the darkest forces in the universe heard me. Now, I must inflict this on all of you: an insta-nope version of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer with Harrison Ford's face placed over Alden Ehrenreich's.

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Solo Clip Features Our Favorite Things About the Movie: Lando and Possibly the Best Star Wars Retcon

We're (some of us, anyway) still wary of the Han Solo movie arriving in theaters later this month, especially after its directorial troubles—though Ron Howard's hands are about the safest you can be in. That doesn't mean there aren't parts of it we're excited about, though, and topping that list is Donald Glover appearing as Lando Calrissian, bringing the original trilogy character back to the screen for the first time since Return of the Jedi.

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I Really Hope Mark Hamill Is Kidding About This Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo

Mark Hamill has a history of not only keeping tight-lipped about secrets, but of actively trolling fans, all in good fun. He knows what people are expecting, which means he knows exactly the right buttons to push. He's like the boy who cried spoiler, at this point, and I'm honestly really hoping that's all he was doing in his latest seeming slip of the tongue.

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Disney Drops a New Solo Featurette Trailer

Director Ron Howard and the cast discuss the world of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Disney has just dropped a new featurette trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story which features the director Ron Howard and the members of the cast discussing the world of the standalone prequel. "The Star Wars universe that we see in Solo was different from anything else we've seen in any previous Star Wars movies," says Howard. "The Empire controls everything. Everyone is struggling to survive but we discover this incredible free spirit."

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The Spiritual Successor to Star Wars Rebels Sounds Like the Perfect Followup

I have a good feeling about this.

When fan favorite Star Wars animated series Star Wars Rebels recently ended, the question on everyone's mind was where the franchise would go next in its animated endeavors. If Disney wanted to recreated the magic of Rebels, though, there was a pretty obvious analogue that would have the added bonus of tying in more closely with the ongoing movie trilogy, and that's where they've decided to go with Star Wars Resistance.

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Things We Saw Today: Have You Seen These Awesome Star Wars Rey Scavenger Boots?

I'm not a cosplayer, so I'm not generally in the market for screen-accurate costume pieces as such. However, I am a geek, and I do love fashion that recalls a character in a TV show or film without being too obvious about it. The Rey-inspired Scavenger boots from Po-Zu’s officially licensed Star Wars shoe collection are totally my jam.

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New Solo Trailer Shows off Tons of New Footage, With Some Extra Lando and Chewie

A new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is here!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Delivers a New Female Villain in Enfys Nest

While our feelings are decidedly mixed with regard to the upcoming Star Wars anthology film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, a bit of news has emerged that is very relevant to our interests.

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“Mommy’s Boys”: Villainy, Motherhood, and Fractured Masculinity in Pop Culture

From Jason Vorhees to Anakin Skywalker, a close bond between mother and son has long been used in storytelling as a way to humanize male villains. In contrast, male and female characters who take more after their fathers (or father figures) usually receive the gifts of strength and confidence associated with traditional masculinity.

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Even Mark Hamill’s Not Sure Where Star Wars Should Go Without Carrie Fisher

It's just a garbage world to live in where Carrie Fisher does not get to take her final curtain call in Star Wars: Episode IX, as Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill already got to do with their beloved characters—possible Force ghosts notwithstanding. But that's where we are, and that already difficult circumstance is compounded, for those behind the scenes, by the question of where things go from here, with another movie—one intended to include Fisher and Leia—still on the horizon.

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Finn x Rey Is Back on Schedule for Star Wars Episode IX

Space BFFs are back in business.

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Mark Hamill Is on the Right Side of History on the Worst Star Wars Special Edition Change

Much has been made of Mark Hamill's Star Wars opinions lately, what with the fan unrest about Star Wars: The Last Jedi and his comments about his initial uneasiness with how Luke Skywalker had changed. But Hamill having strong opinions on his character isn't new, and with all the meddling George Lucas has done in the original movies over the years, the actor naturally has some thoughts on what's been done to his performance.

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Solo Actor Shares New Information About the Troubled Production—Thank Goodness for Lando

Lucasfilm has a lot riding on Solo to be good, but the bad rumors are strong with this one.

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Rian Johnson Won’t Let Last Jedi Backlash Affect New Star Wars Trilogy, but He Probably Shouldn’t Write It All Off

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson, who's embarking on a new journey to create an entirely new Star Wars story in his very own trilogy, isn't wrong that Star Wars movies—and every other piece of Star Wars media—tend to receive a very strong response. That was certainly the case with Last Jedi, with a huge amount of criticism, warranted or not, flying around the internet, but he's not letting that interfere with the upcoming project.

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Feminist Fandom Docu-Series Looking for Leia Needs Your Help

Women have always been a part of Star Wars. And the docu-series Looking for Leia wants to tell their stories.

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