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Sony Animation Partners with Cartoon Hangover to Bring as All More Awesome Animation



Stop staring at the title, Bee, it’s true. Channel Frederator, creators of your own Cartoon Hangover, are partnering with Sony Pictures Animation to create a new “incubator” project to find up-and-coming new creators in the animation community and showcase their work.

Frederator Studios head Fred Seibert has long been a discoverer and supporter of off-beat new cartoon concepts, with shows like The Powerpuff GirlsSamurai JackDexter’s LaboratoryThe Fairly Odd-Parents, and Adventure Time created under his watch. Cartoon Hangover is the YouTube animation home of The Bravest Warriors, a TMS office favorite, and, of course, Bee and PuppyCat. That latter has become something of a star for the online network, garnering millions of views and $850k for a Kickstarter project to fund a full nine-episode season of the show (first one premiering ON THURSDAY!!).

So what does the partnership with Sony mean for Cartoon Hangover?

From the press release:

Sony Pictures Animation will fund 12 five-minute animated shorts, with one premiering every month on Cartoon Hangover’s YouTube channel. One of those shorts will then become a limited series for the channel.

And, of course, should any of those shows be a breakaway success, it’s likely that Sony would have first dibs on any feature film or television adaptations. But Sony Pictures Animation had formed its own own second hand ties to Frederator: Hotel Transylvania, brainchild of director Genndy Tartakovsky, who was also the driving creative force behind early Frederator hits like Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack. Whether or not Tartakovsky’s connection had anything to do with the partnership, we can all look forward to awesome new cartoons on the interwebs!

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