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Skyrim Monopoly Continues the Trend of Awesome Video Game Monopoly Adaptations

Producing themed Monopoly boards was always how a very, very old game that practically everyone has sitting in a closet or two managed to make money. Most people who would have the orignal version of the game also own some amusingly themed version — myself included; The Simpsons — but for the people who like less popular themes, or even themes too dissimilar to ever cross into Monopoly territory, the Internet and talented artists with a vision are here to save the day. This time, deviantART user oddeh (Alex Bennett) plunges Monopoly into the world of Skyrim, complete with coins instead of dollar bills.

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Inspired by the Fallout and Mass Effect boards, Bennett thankfully took us to Skyrim. The board measures in a 20 by 20 inches, and can even be printed out and stuck over a regular, plain Monopoly board which is about trains or sewing or something. Obviously, dragon shouting is way cooler than sewing. Check out the coins!


(oddeh via Geekologie via The Daily What Geeks)

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