A masked demon raises a fist in "Phantom Blade Zero"

When Can We Play ‘Phantom Blade Zero’ Already!?

Phatom. Blade. Zero. Looks. So. Cool. It’s like the lovechild of Sekiro and Nioh. No, even better. It’s the fifth member of the boyband composed of Sekiro, Nioh, Ghost of Tsushima, and Bloodborne. I need it. And I need it right now.

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What’s Phantom Blade Zero about?

Phantom Blade Zero is described as a semi-open world RPG. There will be loot to uncover and forbidden combat skills to discover. If the spooky vibe and brutal combat didn’t clue you in, it’s totally a Soulslike. Despite what the title would have you believe, there are lots more blades than “zero.” A quick peek at the gameplay trailer and you’ll see katanas. Axes. All sorts of edged weapons to bury into the faces of your foes. And they don’t look all that phantasmal either. They look like cold steel. Awesome.

As for the setting of the game, it appears to be a dark world based around ancient Chinese folklore. It’s giving Black Myth: Wukong, but creepier.

So when is it coming out?

Sadly, we have absolutely no idea when Phantom Blade Zero will release. There’s a demo on the way that’s slated to arrive in 2024. That’s it. If that’s the case, it’s likely that we’ll have a release of the game in 2025. I can’t imagine that they’ll make us wait THAT much longer when they’re planning on releasing a demo this year, but your guess is as good as mine. I thought that Black Myth: Wukong would be out by now, considering that a gameplay trailer released way back in 2020, but alas, the wait continues.

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