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Resident Evil Monopoly: Zombies Still Appreciate Free Parking

Have you always sort of liked Monopoly, but thought it lacked a certain shambling, rotting je ne sais quoi?  Or perhaps you sort of enjoyed Resident Evil, but wished it had the class of the 1920’s Atlantic City real estate scene?

Well, languish no more, because one Nicholas “Neptune” Endean has designed, laid out and printed his version of Monopoly: Resident Evil Edition, proving, if there ever was a doubt, that the Internet has got your back.  No matter what. 

The game features viruses rather than railroads (the utilities are still utilities, albeit with the Res Evil twist), and Chance and Community Chest have been replaced with Umbrella Corporation and S.T.A.R.S. cards.  The four corner squares are unchanged.

Shots of the full game board and sample cards can be found as well as an extrememly detailed description of the design process can be found here.

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