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J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy is Genuinely Unreadable on Kindle

In case you’ve been waiting for J.K. Rowling‘s newest offering, called The Casual Vacancy, and were looking forward to reading it on your fancy Kindle, it’s probably time to start reining in your expectations. The book is seriously, literally, unreadable. Due to a formatting error, the book essentially has two font settings: Minuscule, and huge. Even better? Due to a legal loophole, the eBook still retails for $17.99, and Kindle users can’t even read it.

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paidContent confirmed that it’s not just a fluke either:

I confirmed it on two separate Kindle e-readers (the book looks fine on the Kindle app on iPad, and I haven’t tested it on other brands of e-readers). Amazon customers are noticing the problem too. Adjusting the book’s type size on the Kindle actually just adjusts the margins.

This is clearly just a file formatting problem. It’s unclear if the problem is with the file Hachette supplied Amazon or if the problem is on Amazon’s end (I’ve asked both companies for comment). It won’t take long to fix. It will probably be fixed by tomorrow, if not earlier.

So, it’s not liable to stay this way for long. Anyone looking for their fix should be able to get it in by tomorrow, most likely.

(via paidContent, image via Simply Bike)

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