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Steal More Than Just The Shampoo: British Hotel Offers Kindles Instead of Bibles

The Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, U.K. today began offering their guests Kindles in place of the bibles you usually see in the drawer of your nightstand. The Kindle will come with a pre-downloaded copy of the Bible for guests to peruse at their leisure. However, I doubt that the hotel management will be as inviting as the Gideons are for guests to take this bible home.

Hotels nowadays will secure anything they can to prevent theft. You can’t move the lamps, you can’t unplug the TV, and you certainly can’t take any hangars. But I’ve got to say, if there’s going to be something in a hotel room that turns me to a life of crime, it would be The Holy Kindle. Starting today, all 148 rooms of Newcastle’s Hotel Indigo will have a Kindle. If this isn’t begging someone to steal from the hotel, I really can’t tell you what is.

The Kindles are capable of downloading other holy books for free, providing that they are less than £5 (roughly $7.50). Guests can, however, download other non-religious texts and have the cost added to their hotel bill. The general manager of Hotel Indigo Newcastle told the Telegraph that the idea for the Kindles came from the city’s literary background and the hotel’s proximity to the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne.

I will be truly fascinated to see how they deter theft of these Bibles; besides, the moral implications of stealing a Bible, of course.

(the Telegraph via Gizmodo)

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