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Marc Maron and Adam Carolla Fill Us in on the Current State of the Podcasts vs. Patent Trolls Fight

Spoiler alert: Patent trolls are still the worst.

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Today’s episode of WTF with Marc Maron features the great Billy Connolly, but before that part of the show, Maron sat down with fellow podcaster Adam Carolla to discuss the current state of Carolla’s fight against the patent trolls currently targeting podcasters. Hear how it’s going and learn what you can do to help.

You can listen to the full episode over on Maron’s site, or through iTunes or whatever other podcatching software you use. I’d recommend the full episode, because Billy Connolly is fascinating, but if you’re just looking for the relevant bits to the patent troll fight skip ahead to about the eight minute mark.

We covered the basics of this story months ago, but the tl;dr version is this: Maron, Carolla, and a number of other podcasters were contacted by a patent troll company that claims to own the patent on podcasting who demanded an undisclosed “licensing fee” for use of the technology. Carolla is being sued by the company and is fighting an expensive legal battle. Maron and other podcasters are working to raise awareness and funds for Carolla’s fight.

If you’re a fan of podcasting and would like to see it not destroyed by horrible trolls and want to donate, you can do so on Carolla’s Fundanything page, All of the money is going directly to the fight, and Carolla said on WTF that any additional money they raise will go into some kind of podcaster slush fund to help other podcasters, donated to the Make a Wish Foundation, or (jokingly) up his nose.

(via WTF with Marc Maron, image via Marc Maron)

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