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Trump yelling overlaid on a home's interior decorated for christmas.
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Rear view of a female public speaker talking to an audience at a conference
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Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec, the 19th Amendment
Read Article In a Stunning Display of Whataboutism Newt Gingrich Argues Reparations Would Have To Go to Union Soldiers’ Descendants Too
Newt Gingrich speaks pompously from a podium.
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Lauren Boebert speaks from a podium.
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A young blonde woman (Elizabeth Holmes) looks into the camera directly in front of her while walking down a city street with a man.
Read Article Did Someone Really Dump 500 Pounds of Cooked Pasta in the New Jersey Woods?
A mound of uncooked macaroni.
Read Article Apparently Clarence Thomas’ Sugar Daddy Has a Thing for Nazis
Clarence Thomas smiles slightly.
Read Article Only In America: Elementary School Superintendent Accidentally Left His Gun in School Bathroom
A child is seen from the waist down playing hopscotch.
Read Article Republican Women Play Footage of Breonna Taylor’s Death at Public Event Celebrating One of the Cops Involved
A framed photo of Breonna Taylor with a red rose laying on top of it.


Read Article Rather Than Platform Actual Women, This Tech Conference Apparently Just Made Some Up
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