A pirate smiles while holding open a sketch book in 'Our Flag Means Death.'

‘Our Flag Means Death’ Writer Shares More of Those Unhinged Blackbeard Drawings

It's just a tattoo sample book, tbh.

Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death has already been a whirlwind. There have also been several great additions to the cast playing fictionalized versions of real historical pirates. We’ve had some lows and highs among our favorite pirate couples. They even snuck in a mermaid and a callback to one of the best scenes from the first season.

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Then there is everything going on with Lucius (Nathan Foad). Our favorite sassy guy has been going through it, especially where Blackbeard/Edward Teach (Taika Waititi) is concerned. After being thrown overboard last season, Lucius cannot handle being around Blackbeard. Even after Lucius tossed Blackbeard into the ocean as a way to get back at him, Lucius still struggled. As for many of us, his only outlet is through art. His painful drawings, however, have become a source of joy to the rest of us. In a special treat from one OFMD writer, we got to see even more of the drawings.

In episode five, “The Curse of the Seafaring Life,” Black Pete (Matthew Maher) thinks Lucius is drawing him. It would only make sense that Pete’s boyfriend would want to draw him in various poses. When Pete bulled the sketchbook away from Lucius, he found all the images had Blackbeard’s face. Pete’s body had Blackbeard’s face. But so did a drawing of a dog and one of a flower.

In the new group of images shared by writer Simone Nathan, we see a lovely profile sketch. Yet that is the only normal one. Did you ever imagine what Blackbeard would look like as a clam? Imagine no longer, the art department of OFMD drew it. I think the most imaginative, yet perfect drawing, is Blackbeard as a mop. It oddly fits so well.

After watching the episode initially, I thought the image of a dog with Blackbeard’s face would make a pretty sweet tattoo. Now I’m torn. I mean, can I honestly pick the dog over the seagull with Blackbeard’s head on it? Then I saw Blackbeard as a seahorse and knew I had found the right tattoo design for me. Thank you to everyone at Our Flag Means Death for all you do. It is truly a gift to the rest of us.

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