Taika Waititi as Blackbeard stares at a small figurine in 'Our Flag Means Death' season 2

‘OFMD’ Season 2 Premiere Gave Us a Scene Straight Out of Our Fanfiction Dreams

Dreams do come true.

The only thing on our brains right now is the wonderfully queer pirate show Our Flag Means Death. Season 2’s first three episodes are now streaming on (formerly HBO) Max. It feels like forever, but we are finally back on board the Revenge and ready for more emotional adventures. Even though it’s only the beginning of the season, they have already hit us with some doozies.

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Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (Taika Waititi) fell in love over the course of season 1. They even kissed and planned to run away together, but the love fest came to a screeching halt when Stede freaked out and went back home to his wife and kids. Stede later came to his senses and set sail to find his true love, but in Stede’s absence, Ed completely fell apart. The new season opens where the last one left off, and Ed has only gotten worse. Only a dream can pull him out of his descent into absolute despair.

**Warning: Spoilers for Episode 3 of Season 2 Our Flag Means Death.**

After a near-death experience, Ed flounders in a fever dream. He believes he’s on an island with his old captain, Ben Hornigold (also an infamous real-life pirate), only he realizes he’s in his own version of purgatory. Hornigold tells Ed he must choose whether to live or die. The two go to a tall cliff over the ocean, and Ed jumps into the water with a rock tied to his body. He’s obviously chosen to give up and end his life.

At the same moment, in the waking world, Stede finds Ed and talks to him. In his dream, Ed descends into the ocean, until he hears Stede’s voice. He unties the rock and swims towards the light, breaking through the surface of the water. If Stede is with him, Ed wants to live. (Let’s take a moment to sob.)

Ed and Stede in the ocean together

As he swims, Ed sees Stede’s form begin to take shape under the water. Instead of just Stede’s normal body swimming towards him, Stede is a topless merman carrying a trident. The two reach each other and are both so happy, and I loved this moment for Ed so much. Yet, I couldn’t stop screaming over one of them as a merman. For those not running in the fanfiction circles, making one member of a popular pairing into a merman/mermaid is very common. Once again, Our Flag Means Death has made our dreams come true. I can’t wait to see the thousands of works of fan art this one scene launches.

(featured image: Max)

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