Two men silhouetted on the deck of a ship in the moonlight in 'Our Flag Means Death.'

‘Our Flag Means Death’ Recreated One of My Favorite Scenes From Season 1

Thursdays are for pirate lovers.

Morale has improved since the return of Our Flag Means Death last week. I’m so happy to be with the crew of The Revenge again, even if they are making me super emotional. Over season one, we watched Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (Taika Waititi) fall in love, only for it to end in heartbreak. This season Stede has tried to make his way back to Ed and fix what he did by leaving unexpectedly. In the meantime, Ed has really been going through it and emotionally damaging the crew in the process.

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While on his deathbed, Ed saw a vision in which Stede was a mermaid rescuing him. At the same moment, Stede spoke to Ed, trying to get him to wake up. In the two episodes released this week, the pair had to deal with their mistakes and decide whether to try again or abandon the feelings they still have for each other. It seems like the only way they can come together again is by retracing one of their best moments.

“You wear fine things well.”

In episode 5 of season 1, Ed dressed up as an aristocrat and crashed a fancy party with Stede. It marked a shift in their relationship, with Ed seeing things in a different light and reacting to Stede more strongly. Stede also admired the change in Ed. The final scene of the episode found Ed and Stede alone, under the moonlight on the deck of The Revenge. They spoke together in quiet tones. When Ed tried to say this all wasn’t for him, Stede said otherwise.

Stede folded a piece of silk Ed had and placed it in the pocket of Ed’s vest. Stede told Ed, “You wear fine things well.” The look Ed gives Stede is so full of surprise and love that Ed reciprocates the stare. Ed takes a step closer to Stede like he’s going to kiss him before they both lose their nerve and say goodnight with a pat on the back and longing glances. It immediately became an iconic scene and one that I, like countless other fans across the internet, love endlessly.

***Warning: Spoilers for episodes 4 and 5 of Our Flag Means Death***

This week’s new episodes find Ed and Stede are not sure how to proceed with their relationship. With the help of two lovely pirate ladies, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the duo sees the light. They admit they are both prone to whimsy and maybe need to dial back the dramatics. Ed admits that he shaved his beard because he was all in for Stede and wanted to make a life together. Stede telling Ed how much he just missed breathing the same air as him melted my heart. I’m so proud of my boys for talking about their feelings.

At the end of episode 5 (yes, it’s the same episode number), Stede and Ed once again found themselves standing in the moonlight on the deck of their ship. This time around, the guys are in much different frames of mind than they were in the first season. Stede has become more confident and sure of himself. Ed is repenting for his bad behavior and trying to start fresh. Showing the shift while still reconnecting, Ed says to Stede “You wear fine things well.”

It sent me into an emotional whirlwind. Instead of walking away, they kiss. Because they have grown, they also admit they shouldn’t go too fast and slow down a bit by holding hands. They are back together! Happiness once again reigns in the land of pirates! And they said the line again!!! I didn’t think it was possible to have a better season of Our Flag Means Death, but here we are.

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