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Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego Come to Facebook Next Month

We’re generally pretty scornful of Facebook games here.  It’s hard to have much sympathy for games that appear, to an outsider, to be glorified click counters that flood feeds with grabby announcements about joining the game.  That is, unless the game draws directly on a very easily sympathetic part of your brain:


Finally, being a long standing member of the I Just Tried To Ford the River and My F****n Oxen Died Facebook group will pay off, when Blue Fang Games brings not only The Oregon Trail but Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego to Facebook next month.

Darius Kazemi, Lead Analyst of Blue Fang Games announced the two games on his blog this morning, complete with a couple of trailers including pretty epic music.

Blue Fang’s other games include Zoo Kingdom, a Facebook game; Lion Pride, for the iPhone and iPad; World of Zoo, for the Wii; and the Zoo Tycoon series.  We actually look forward to seeing any and all announcements about dysentery, broken axles, and announcements about improbably stolen objects made by an animated Lynne Thigpen.

(via Edge Magazine.)

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