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Disabled Representation in Video Games and the Cyberpunk 2077 Problem

CD Projekt Red’s new game, Cyberpunk 2077, was promising, at least from initial teaser art. Then game director Adam Badowski spoke at E3.

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Overwatch’s D.Va: The Gamer Girl We Deserve

I remember being younger and wanting to really see a fictional character that was a gamer girl, but I never saw any that really stood out to me—not until I was in college and Overwatch was released.

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Please Will Someone Explain Fortnite to Me

What it Fortnite? A video game where people fight each other, I think. "Battle Royale" is in its title so I'm gonna go with that. I'm not sure how it distinguishes itself from all of the other video games where people fight each other, but wow, everyone seems really into this particular fighting.

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Developer Exec Has a Message for Battlefield V Complainers: “Female Playable Characters Are Here to Stay”

When the trailer and box art for the game Battlefield V dropped just days ago, it set off backlash that simultaneously shouldn't exist and was entirely predictable. The trailer and box art's prominent featuring of women—along with people of color and a character with a prosthetic arm in the gameplay footage—annoyed people who view the simple existence of more than 50% of the population as a political message. Now, an executive at the game's developer has told them to get lost.

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Women in WWII Game Once Again Not ‘Historically Accurate’ Enough for Angry Internet Men

Yesterday, the trailer for the game Battlefield 5 debuted, yet another game focusing on players pretending to shoot at each other on the internet. This new installment had promised to bring more realism into things in some ways, but it's still very definitely a video game and not intended to be a perfect reproduction of its World War II setting, and that has predictably angered some gamers on the internet, at least where it comes to including women and people of color.

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Texas Lt. Governor Dan “The Doors Did It” Patrick: Video Games & Movies Kill People, Not Guns

Friday brought with it yet another in a line of tragedies we're getting all too used to in the United States: another school shooting, this time at Santa Fe High School in Texas. It's true that multiple factors contribute to these large-scale murder sprees in our schools—easy access to deadly guns, misogyny, to name two—but the repeated insistence of blaming anything and everything else, by some members of the public and government officials, has to be the most frustratingly ironic one.

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Microsoft’s Accessibility-Geared Xbox “Adaptive Controller” Is Genius

Gamers who have been at their hobby for a long time might not find game controllers, even in all the weird evolutions they've gone through—looking at you, N64 controller—to be difficult to use, but we've all seen someone struggle with them at one point or another. They're fairly complex input devices, which can make them difficult to use for players with physical disabilities. Microsoft's new Xbox Adaptive Controller has addressed that problem in a rather ingenious way.

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You’ll Finally Be Able to Get Your Hands on an NES Classic Edition Next Month

NES re-re-release?

Unless you were one of the lucky ones who manage to snag one of Nintendo's mini NES systems when they debuted nearly two years ago, you may have thought you were out of luck when Nintendo cut off the supply—or at least may have been left wondering when they'd produce more. Now, you've finally got what you've been waiting for, unless you went the eBay route and spent an absurd amount of money to get one any way, in which case, you may not be quite as thrilled about this news.

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6 Incredibly Entertaining Movies Based on Video Games

Most movies based on video games are downright bad, but that doesn't mean they're not entertaining.

Since the days of Pong, video games have evolved into works of art, filled with incredible technology, stunning imagery, and amazing storylines. Unfortunately, movies video game movies have failed to capture the same achievements. In fact, most of them are downright bad. Still, there’s something addictively enjoyable about video game films, as these seven incredibly entertaining movies based on video games prove.

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The Importance of Female Friendships in Video Games

Playable female characters are gaining traction in the video game community, even in AAA titles. Sure, these leading women get parsed and critiqued ad infinitum to a degree male characters never do, but at least they exist. Now think about how many video games have passed the Bechdel test. Where are the female friendships? Where are these relationships that I have plied my life with?

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Indie Games of GDC 2018: Puppets, Pigs, and Unicorns, Oh My!

Let me present to you (in no particular order) some of the most outstanding indie titles at GDC 2018.

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Star Wars Short Created With New Gaming Graphics Technology Looks Unbelievable

CGI and special effects in movies don't always look perfect, but they can come pretty darn close if there's a big enough budget and a talented enough team doing the work. Video games, on the other hand, have always lagged behind, in large part because movie effects can take their sweet time to be produced, while graphics in games need to come together in tiny fractions of a second—but they're about to catch up in a big way.

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We Need To Adjust the Way We Talk About Lara Croft

Regardless of how we feel about Lara Croft the character, she and her legacy deserve better than what she gets from critics.

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Trevor Noah Takes on Trump’s Ill-Informed Insistence That Video Games Are to Blame for Gun Violence

Donald Trump has been scrambling to find a straw man scapegoat to refocus the gun control debate around, and he seems to have landed firmly on video games.

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If the Phrase “Stardew Valley Meets Harry Potter” Excites You, You Might Want to Sit Down for This News

For every fan of the game who didn't think they could get so invested in a farming sim, just imagine what this team can do with what they're describing as "Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter." Their new game, titled Spellbound, is just that.

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Nintendo’s Mario Movie Is Officially Happening!

It's not in another castle.

Just over two months ago, news broke that Nintendo was closing in on a deal to make an animated Mario Bros. movie with the studio behind Despicable Me and its Minions spinoff. Now, the company has confirmed that initial report, and there will soon be another Mario movie in the world.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Is a Great Fighting Game for Dragon Ball Fans

7.5 out of 10. (PlayStation 4 version.)

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a pretty good fighting game, but it's a real treat for its core demographic: Dragon Ball fans who want a fighting game that's as satisfying to play as the show, at its best, is to watch. Despite some rough edges, it achieves that goal very well and should be a lot of fun for fans of the franchise to play.

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[Updated] Just What the Heck Is Nintendo Revealing Tonight in Their Surprise Announcement?

Cue rampant speculation.

Nintendo is easily the most secretive of the three main video game console companies, and they also tend to make a lot of weird decisions—some of which pay off, and some of which do not. The Switch has paid off in a big way, and now that the holidays are over, the company is looking ahead and announcing new products on the horizon, which includes a surprise announcement scheduled for today.

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When the American Education System Failed Me, Neopets Was There

When we invest in young girls and their interests, we create spaces in which they can learn the skills they need not only to survive, but to succeed and thrive. Neopets did that.

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