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[Updated] Just What the Heck Is Nintendo Revealing Tonight in Their Surprise Announcement?

Cue rampant speculation.

Nintendo is easily the most secretive of the three main video game console companies, and they also tend to make a lot of weird decisions—some of which pay off, and some of which do not. The Switch has paid off in a big way, and now that the holidays are over, the company is looking ahead and announcing new products on the horizon, which includes a surprise announcement scheduled for today.

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When the American Education System Failed Me, Neopets Was There

When we invest in young girls and their interests, we create spaces in which they can learn the skills they need not only to survive, but to succeed and thrive. Neopets did that.

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Not One, But TWO Women of Color Are the Protagonists for Firewatch Developer’s New Game

You may remember Campo Santo as the developers of the game Firewatch ... and the team that told YouTuber PewDiePie where he could shove his racists remarks. The studio is putting their money where their mouth is and doing something completely different: They're featuring TWO lead characters that are POC. In fact, they're the only living people shown in the new game's trailer.

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Pokémon GO’s Augmented Reality Will Actually Work Soon, Letting You Sneak up on Pokémon

On iPhones, anyway.

While hardly the craze it once was—which is probably a good thing—augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO is still going strong and adding new features, and one of them is about to make good on the game's initial promise, if characteristically late. Apple's ARKit augmented reality software is making it easier for developers to take advantage of the iPhone's AR potential, and that's going to mean getting up close and personal with Pokémon like never before.

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MGM Is Launching a WarGames Interactive Series, But Why?

MGM is partnering with with Eko, an interactive video game company, to create an interactive reboot of their 1983 movie WarGames.

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Things We Saw Today: Want to Craft a Not-Awful Apology? There’s a Video Game for That

If you're wondering if you're part of the problem, and what to do about it, game designer Elizabeth Sampat has designed a guide for recognizing behavior and crafting meaningful, sincere apologies. Considering how difficult that seems to be for so many people, this guide is almost infuriatingly simple.

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The Best Black Friday Video Game Deals You Can Get Right From Your Couch

It's Black Friday, but it's also the 21st century, and Hell is other people. Rejoice! There are plenty of great holiday deals on video games that you can score right from the comfort of your home. Whether you're shopping for gifts or just want to get some great prices on games to occupy all your extra holiday free time, you've come to the right place.

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Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Boxes Are Bringing Legislative Action Down on “Predatory” Micro-Transactions

After the resounding unpopularity of the micro-transaction system in Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts may have taken a step back to reassess things, but lawmakers seem poised to make the decision for them. Belgium's government has reached the conclusion that the boxes are gambling and must be banned, and U.S. lawmakers are trying to push our country in the same direction.

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The Animal Crossing Mobile Game Is Now Here to Steal All Your Time!

The new Animal Crossing mobile phone game was previously scheduled to make its debut tomorrow, but it has arrived a day early across mobile platforms. That's right—you can download it right this very minute, and why not? It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. You probably weren't going to get anything else done this week anyway.

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Has Skyrim’s Modding Community Become a Misogynistic Nightmare?

We're all used to seeing outlandish Skyrim mods. (The Thomas the Tank Engine characters as a replacement for dragons is a classic.) Good natured, mod-based hijinks are par for the course. What you might not be expecting, however, is the troubled current state of modding culture. The modding scene is getting frighteningly misogynistic, and it only takes a cursory glance at the Nexus to see it.

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Things We Saw Today: Drake Has a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Sexual Assault While He’s Performing

Drake stops mid-rap to call out a man in the crowd. He shuts down the music, points directly at the guy and tells him, "If you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there and f*ck you up."

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Nintendo Reportedly Close to Animated Mario Movie Deal With Minions Studio

Did we learn nothing from 1993?

Rumors about Nintendo licensing their incredibly recognizable properties for movies and TV have been flying since—well, since the Mario Bros. movie tanked in 1993 and served as a cautionary tale for video game movies in general for decades. They've picked up considerable steam in recent years, though, with rumors of Zelda movies/TV shows and Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima explicitly saying that the company was looking to make partnerships to use their IP outside of video games.

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EA’s Response to Star Wars Battlefront II Monetization Backlash Is the Most Unpopular Reddit Comment Ever

Star Wars Battlefront II is out in early access, and the state of its loot crate system and locked "heroes" at launch has angered a ton of players—enough to make developer/publisher EA's response to that ire the most downvoted reddit comment in history.

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The Makers of Pokémon Go Are Working on a Harry Potter Game

Niantic Labs, the developers behind Pokémon Go, have announced that their follow-up augmented reality game will be titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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New The Last of Us: Part II Trailer Is Harrowing AF

The new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II, which Sony debuted at its Paris Games Week showcase leading up to the main event later this week, focuses on new characters, and is harrowing AF.

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Illustrates How Women Survive Trauma

“You cannot overcome suffering if you refuse to look at it” is a line spoken to the titular character in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. It also serves as something of a thesis statement for the game, in which a warrior traverses the Norse mythology-based Underworld to redeem the soul of her deceased love. Hellblade gives us something sorely needed in gaming: an achingly realistic portrayal of how women experience and cope with severe trauma.

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How Darkwood Became a Horror Game That is PTSD-Inclusive

It's been a long time since I've played a horror game. Not because I don't love them in that Halloween masochistic way, I do – but because I can't handle them anymore. My post-traumatic stress disorder has made it almost impossible to last longer than five minutes in any given horror title.

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Mario, True Villain, Was Indeed Supposed to Be Punching Yoshi in Super Mario World

Sprites in video games were a frequent cause for confusion back in the day, causing frequent arguments over just what some of them were supposed to be. Before the internet, it was also a lot harder to hash out who was right, but now we have access to nearly endless (and largely useless) knowledge, and we're finally getting answers—some of them mildly disturbing.

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Why Is PewDiePie’s Fanbase Convinced That Gaming Culture Is Racist? Because It Is.

The gaming community isn't homogeneous, as much as some groups like to believe it is. There are plenty of gamers who are all about inclusivity in video games. Gamers come from all walks of life. But that doesn't mean gaming culture isn't racist.

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TMS Plays Dragon Ball FighterZ

This weekend is the closed beta for Arc System Works' upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ, and TMS is taking the game for a spin! Watch above as I lose spectacularly because traditional fighting games aren't really my area of expertise, but I plan to enjoy myself while doing it!

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