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Why Is PewDiePie’s Fanbase Convinced That Gaming Culture Is Racist? Because It Is.

The gaming community isn't homogeneous, as much as some groups like to believe it is. There are plenty of gamers who are all about inclusivity in video games. Gamers come from all walks of life. But that doesn't mean gaming culture isn't racist.

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TMS Plays Dragon Ball FighterZ

This weekend is the closed beta for Arc System Works' upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ, and TMS is taking the game for a spin! Watch above as I lose spectacularly because traditional fighting games aren't really my area of expertise, but I plan to enjoy myself while doing it!

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The Biggest News of Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Was … Mario’s Nipples?

Yesterday, in a Nintendo Direct presentation, the world saw more Mario than it ever bargained for—and I don't just mean yet another demo of Super Mario Odyssey when fans were really pulling for a more unexpected surprise. I'm talking, of course, about the debut of a shirtless Mario.

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What’s Happening in Today’s Nintendo Direct? Watch Here for Mario Odyssey, Switch News, and More.

Earlier this week, Nintendo dropped the news that today would feature a Nintendo Direct presentation, where the company has lately been announcing new products and more throughout the year, rather than bunching up everything at E3. With the holiday season approaching, the Direct is set to focus on what's coming to Switch and 3DS in the near future, but details are otherwise scarce.

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PewDiePie Is So Very Sorry That He Got Caught Yelling a Racist Epithet

The backlash—and legal actions—in response to YouTube star PewDiePie's use of racist language has prompted him to issue an apology, because he likes money and fame and would like to keep both.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Is the Remake Metroid II Deserves

8 out of 10.

The original Game Boy title Metroid II: Return of Samus was a bit of an oddball for the Metroid series, with its largely linear gameplay and cramped environments, compared to the series' knack for sprawling exploration. It's been left in the dust by the rest of the series over the years, but the 3DS's Metroid: Samus Returns is about to change all that.

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Firewatch Creator Takes a Stand Against Casual Racism After PewDiePie Streamed a Racial Slur

Because you can't stay neutral in the face of racism.

There's a big difference between supporting streamers and holding a man with an audience of millions accountable for propagating and normalizing bigoted language.

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Destiny 2 Is Already Angering Some Fans With In-Game Purchases

The world of video games has faced plenty of growing pains, but none may be more contentious for players than new business models enabled by the internet. With players able to download additional content for games, developers are more than happy to supply it, for a price. That comes with a tricky balance in convincing consumers that they're getting a fair deal—one newly-released Destiny 2 seems to have botched.

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Mario Is Just as Much a Plumber as He Was Before

Do not question his skills.

Rumors of Mario no longer being a plumber have been greatly exaggerated. Or, at least, they're a bit misleading, if entirely true. Within the context of Mario's fictional universe, yes, Nintendo did recently specify that he's a former plumber, but for the purposes of the real world, "plumber" is just as accurate a way to describe the mustachioed mascot as ever.

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Orwell’s Animal Farm to Become a Video Game Because a Real-World Political Nightmare Isn’t Enough

George Orwell's name has been tossed around a lot in relation to modern politics and technology, to varying degrees of accuracy. Here's something that you can certifiably deem Orwellian, though: a video game based on the 1945 Orwell novel Animal Farm.

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The Olympics’ Excuse for Shunning eSports Makes Absolutely No Sense

The Olympic Games maybe need to take a look over those values they're so committed to adhering to.

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Help Tell a Story That Needs to Be Told: Missing Explores the Cruel Realities of Human Trafficking in an RPG

MISSING: The Complete Saga aims to tell the story of a young girl faced with the cruel realities of human trafficking by way of an RPG.

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Navigate the S.S. Georgie in This Eerie 8-Bit It Game

Play this cute It game they said. It'll be fun, they said.

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Sonic Mania’s Secret Mode Cements Its Place as a Love Letter to Fans

We chuckled.

Sonic Mania is out today, bringing old school Sonic the Hedgehog goodness to modern gaming consoles. The game has already done plenty to show its love for Sonic fans, with remixed classic stages, retooled yet familiar sprite animations, and the utilization of fan-gone-pro talent for development. With so much love poured into it, it's really no surprise that the game features some great Easter eggs, including a delightful hidden mode.

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Morning Joe Host Identifies Problem With Men Today: Too Many Video Games, Not Enough Dying In War

You can take the Republican out of the Party, but you can't take the misinformed, backwards ideology out of the Republican.

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Producer Adi Shankar Explains How Castlevania Succeeds as a Video Game Adaptation

In an interview with executive producer Adi Shankur, who has also just picked up an adaptation of Assassin's Creed, we discuss what makes a video game adaptation good and what it means to understand fandom.

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There’s Already News of a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition That You’ll Wind Up Scouring eBay For

Nintendo's big thing in recent times has been releasing products that are near impossible to find, a problem that plagued Amiibo collectors as well as those who wanted to buy the NES Classic Edition console. With the SNES Classic already on the way, it seems like Nintendo's not about to stop there, as news of a Nintendo 64 Classic has surfaced before the SNES has even launched.

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Here’s How You Can Finally Catch Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO

For real this time.

Hey, remember the first trailer for Pokémon GO, waaaayyyy back about a thousand years ago, a.k.a. 2015? Among other parts of the new-infamous game it hinted at, it showed a number of players all coming together in one location to take on Mewtwo all at once in a manner suspiciously similar to the raid battles that arrived in the game recently? That's not a coincidence, and now legendary Pokémon are coming with it.

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Never Look at Mario the Same, Thanks to a Creepy Explanation for Mario Odyssey’s Lack of “Game Overs”

Game over, man. Game over.

It was already weird enough that a game existed about a plumber who stomps on turtles, eats mushrooms to become giant, and spits fire, and his propensity for coming back to life after death has been explored before. Mario Odyssey, however, added several new layers of absurdity, with Mario possessing people, dinosaurs, and inanimate objects, and apparently never arriving at a "game over" Screen—which got a disturbing twist once news hit the internet.

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Direct Player Battles, Trading Still Coming to Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a full year old today, and it's enjoying a bit of a renaissance right now with the addition of raid battles and adjusted gym mechanics. Those aren't the only things players are clamoring for, though, and Niantic boss John Hanke has confirmed that some features we had started to give up hoping for actually are on the way.

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