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Things We Saw Today: Should Black Mirror’s “USS Callister” Get Its Own Spin-Off TV Show?

The most buzzed-about episode of Black Mirror season 4, which many of us binged over the holidays, is the Star Trek send-up "USS Callister." Its director thinks the episode has the potential to be more.

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Judge Allows Lawsuit Over Which Bond Movies Must Be in a Box Set

In what sounds like something you'd be more likely to hear in an argument between Bond movie geeks rather than a courtroom, a judge has decided to allow a lawsuit on whether or not a box set of Bond movies actually contains all the Bond movies it should. ... They left Quantum of Solace out, didn't they? That's fair.

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Daniel “I’d Rather Die Than Play Bond Again” Craig to Play James Bond Again

Sources report that Daniel Craig will return to the James Bond franchise for a 5th film, Bond 25.

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Things We Saw Today: Riz Ahmed and Ryan Kohn’s Campaign for Syria Raises Over 100K

Riz Ahmed set a goal to start 2017 with support for Syria through the Karam Foundation and yesterday the actor posted a celebratory post that their efforts have raised over $100,000.

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Dream Pairings: Tom Hardy Thinks Christopher Nolan Should Direct a Bond Movie

In the great world of fancastings and dream pairings, the thought of a Christopher Nolan-directed James Bond gets me excited in so many different ways.

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Gillian Anderson All for Reinventing James Bond, Calls Support “Flattering”

In an interview with Buzzfeed, the actress discussed her social media presence, thoughts on the new Bond, and feminist themes in The Fall.

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Tom Hiddleston Doesn’t Think He’ll Be the Next James Bond, But We Still Believe

Tom Hiddleston's thoughts on his chances of obtaining the coveted James Bond role were none too bright.

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Things We Saw Today: Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott Team Up For Ghostbusters Soundtrack

Fall Out Boy sent out a tweet this afternoon promoting the news that they'll be contributing to the Ghostbusters soundtrack--along with, um, Missy freakin' Elliot? This is delightful news on this here Thorsday, thank you and goodnight.

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Rolling Stone Makes Jane Bond 007 Trailer Starring Emilia Clarke and Leonardo DiCaprio

Upon hearing that Emilia Clarke in an interview with Daily Star would "love to play James Bond" with Leonardo DiCaprio as her Bond Boy, Rolling Stone took it upon themselves to make a fan trailer of the two.

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Tom Hiddleston Reportedly In Talks To Take Over as The New 007

At this point, it would appear as if some fans are more than ready for the mantle of James Bond to be taken up by someone other than a white dude--but in terms of talks happening behind closed doors, one name is being offered up: Tom Hiddleston.

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Gillian Anderson Fights, Flirts, Blows Stuff Up in Fan Trailer for Jane Bond

I want to believe.

Last weekend, a crafty fan made a poster of Gillian Anderson as the next James Bond, which Anderson herself then shared on Twitter. The #NextBond poster was just the latest in a series of fan campaigns focused around the role of James Bond. From Idris Elba to Priyanka Chopra, there's an obvious desire from many fans and some actors for women and people of color to take more of a central role in the Bond franchise.

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Priyanka Chopra on Playing a Bond Girl: “F*** That—I Wanna Be Bond”

Quantico star and voice of Kamala Khan Priyanka Chopra is on the cover of the June/July Complex. In an in-depth interview with the magazine, conducted on the Quantico set, Chopra discussed her Hollywood aspirations and why she was drawn to working on the ABC show.

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Things We Saw Today: Gillian Anderson as James Bond?!


The Internet has spoken--well, it spoke in the form of a fan-created graphic showcasing Gillian Anderson as the next successor to the James Bond franchise, and the actress herself shared it on Twitter! Here for it, always, yep, sign me up. Actually just give Gillian Anderson her own franchise already.

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Sterling Archer Takes on the James Bond Franchise, Because of Course He Does

If there's anyone who knows everything about how to be an international super-spy, it's Sterling Archer. At least, that's what he thinks. What's more, he thinks he can comment on the films of another fictional super-spy, James Bond. For some reason, Entertainment Weekly gave over the reins of their film critic column (do they not know how this man throws back scotch?) to Archer and let him "review" all 24 Bond films.

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Tom Hiddleston Asks to Play James Bond in the Most Polite Way Possible

Tom Hiddleston opened up to The Sunday Times about how he'd like to maybe one day play James Bond, and he does it in the most polite fashion.

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Naomie Harris Hopes to Be Next James Bond Mainstay Character, Just Like Judi Dench

Naomie Harris, aka Moneypenny in the Daniel Craig-era James Bond series of movies, took to a Twitter Q&A to talk about her hopes for her future in the movie franchise.

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James Bond Supercuts: Murder and Gadgets

Crocodile. Submarine. That is all.

James Bond has used a lot of gadgets over the years—and killed a lot of people. To find out just how many of each, you'll have to watch these two comprehensive supercuts before they self-destruct.

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Things We Saw Today: You Need This Halo 5 Replica in Your Life

Looking for something to add a little oomph to your Halo 5 cosplay? Check out this motorized Needler replica with LED lights and sound effects. You can't actually use it to harm anyone, but it looks ridiculously cool in the dark.

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Shocker: Bond Creator Ian Fleming Did Not Have Super-Cool Opinions on Lesbians

Later this month, a letter written in June 1959 by Bond creator Ian Fleming is due to be auctioned off. The letter is addressed to a Dr. Gibson, and contains Fleming's airtight logic for why Goldfinger's Pussy Galore eventually fell for Bond's charms in the novel despite being a lesbian.

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Things We Saw Today: Feminist Bond Girl

"You're right! I'm a doctor! I can do anything I want!"

YouTuber Scotch Moses does a hilarious job of showing us James Bond's true (ie: misogynistic) nature in "Feminist Bond Girl." Check it out! Then, go save the world.

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