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Things We Saw Today: A Supercute Supercut of Leslie Jones Shamelessly Flirting with Colin Jost

I'm a huge fan of Leslie Jones on SNL--and this on-going bit where she shamelessly flirts with Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost is one of my absolute favorite things. NBC graciously put together a supercut so we can relive all of her best nicknames for him. (For me, it might be a tie between "sexy-ass blizzard" and "delicious marshmallow".)

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Sony to Continue Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Series Without Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig, Most of the Source Material

It's been several years since I saw David Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but still, this seems like a weird choice to me.

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Review: For Better or Worse, Spectre Is Quintessential Bond

2 1/2 out of 5 Stars

Spectre is a solid and often enjoyable movie, but it doesn’t distinguish itself from other Bond films or any of this year's other spy offerings.

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Daniel Craig on James Bond: “Let’s Not Forget That He’s Actually A Misogynist.”

Daniel Craig seems more than ready to give up the mantle of James Bond; he recently stated that he'd rather die than play the part again, and today, when Red Bulletin asked him what people can learn from a man like James Bond, Craig paused before responding: "Nothing." Ice cold!

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Daniel Craig is “Over” James Bond; Spectre His Last Bond Film for a Good, Long While

Even he's tired of Bond always being a white dude.

Well, it looks we aren't the only ones ready to move on to a new James Bond. As it turns out, current James Bond, Daniel Craig, is way over playing the superspy.

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Spectre Star Monica Bellucci Wants You to Call Her A “Bond Woman”

"I’m too mature to be a Bond girl."

Monica Bellucci, who will star in Spectre with Daniel Craig, talked about her role in an interview with The Guardian. When asked why she thought her casting as the oldest James Bond love interest "struck such a nerve," Bellucci talks about the ridiculousness of ageism

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David Oyelowo to Voice James Bond in New Audiobook Role

"I am officially the only person on planet Earth who can legitimately say: ‘I am the new James Bond.’"

According to The Guardian, Selma's David Oyelowo has been selected by the Ian Fleming estate to voice Bond (and other characters) in the upcoming audiobook adaptation of Trigger Mortis.

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Christoph Waltz Ruins Bond’s Life in New Spectre Trailer

Starring Daniel "Why Would I Ever Be a Stormtrooper" Craig.

I don't know, guys. Maybe I never clicked with the spy genre in general, but Spectre just looks to me like "brooding man comes to terms with his failures, gorgeous women act as set dressing," ie, very boring.

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Things We Saw Today: Kimmy Schmidt Cosplayer Rules MCM London

Those Iron Man cosplayers don't know what hit 'em.

It's a miracle!

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Idris Elba Re-Schedules the Apocalypse, Says Any Chance He Had of Playing James Bond is Gone

Fancasting never dies.

At the world premiere of his new movie Mandela, My Dad and Me on Tuesday, Idris Elba dashed the hopes that he'll eventually take over the role of 007: "Honestly, it’s a rumor that’s really starting to eat itself. If there was ever any chance of me getting Bond, it’s gone."

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Jon Hamm, Joel McHale, Dragon Age, And More Speak Out Against Sexual Assault On College Campuses

It's on us.

It's On Us is the White House's new "public awareness and action campaign designed to prevent sexual assault at colleges and universities," and it has some pretty big-name entertainment and gaming supporters behind it. Way to go, guys. We like you all a lot.

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Daniel Craig Vies For Unlisted Cameo In Star Wars: A Fanfiction Tribute

We have a bad feeling about this.

Pinewood Studios is not the sort of place that any casual observer can just drop in on unexpectedly—especially now that the long-awaited Star Wars are currently being filmed at their London location. But Daniel Craig is not just a casual observer. He's the highest-grossing Bond of all time, damn it, and he will not be denied.

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Place Your Bets! Folks Are Already Betting on Next Actor to Play James Bond

What are the odds of them casting Harrison Ford? That's right. 3,720 to 1.

Relax, Daniel Craig fans. You haven't missed something. Despite some off-again/on-again rumors that Craig is leaving the franchise, it doesn't look like he's going anywhere for at least two more movies. He's got to go sometime, though, right? In fact, betting's already open on who will fill his tuxedo when he does.

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Police Mistake Celebrity Impersonator Photoshoot for Armed Criminal Enterprise


Even though the Port of London Authority only requires artists to register if they plan to be filming, not merely taking photos, the organizers of a celebrity look-a-like photoshoot are saying that, in hindsight, they probably should have. Turns out people jump to conclusions when they see a bunch of black-clad people waving guns around on a speedboat.

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Watch Harrison Ford Dodge Star Wars Questions and Confront Chewbacca on Kimmel

It has to be hard when you're an actor trying to promote something, but all anyone wants to talk about is another project. When Harrison Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, he took questions from the audience, but refused to talk about Star Wars Episode VII. He went on to answer a few questions before being confronted by an old friend.

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Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequel Could Ditch Daniel Craig, Feature Female Lead Instead

Consider the Following

What's Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy without Mikael Blomkvist? Sony hopes it's a wildly successful film sequel starring a women in the lead role. They've got our attention. 

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Things We Saw Today: Scarlett Johansson Filled in for Al Roker

Things We Saw Today

When the Today Show's weatherman, Al Roker, came down with laryngitis, Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johansson decided to fulfill a life's dream and step in for him. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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First Teaser Trailer for the new James Bond Film Skyfall Looks Pretty Rad

Though its future was uncertain for a while, the 23rd film starring Britain's top secret agent James Bond is not only in the can, but already has a teaser trailer. The film, called Skyfall, still has Daniel Craig in the lead role and director Sam Mendes at the helm, but looks to be taking a bit of a different track from the last two films.

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Judi Dench’s Filthy Mouth and Other Silly Complaints About Movies by British People

Audience Participation

While we wouldn't be surprised to see similar, or even weirder complaints from our fellow Yanks here in the U.S. of A., a new collection of complaints by British filmgoers is just adorably prudish and random. Compiled by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which deals directly with costumer complaints concerning movie certificate ratings, a list of the silliest gripes received by the association includes problems with what people look like, what things look like, the words people say, and the price of popcorn. Which, no, Virginia, has nothing to do with rating certificates. So, come with us after the jump to read more about how many British people have a problem every time Dame Judi Dench uses a naughty word!

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Ben Whishaw Is the New Q In the Next James Bond Movie

And Now For Something Completely Different

The next Bond film, Skyfall, will feature a new gadget man helping the iconic spy. Ben Whishaw, who currently appears in the BBC's The Hour, will be taking over the role of Q in the new movie, making him the youngest actor to do so and the first time Q has been younger than Bond himself. This will probably not, however, cramp Bond's style. (Because he is James Bond.)

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