Marjorie Taylor Greene Learns the Holocaust Is not Comparable to Mask Mandates

I mean, the rest of us learned this in middle school, but go off.
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took a field trip to the Holocaust Museum yesterday, and you won’t believe what she learned. Did you know that the Holocaust was, in fact, a horrific genocide that is in no way comparable to wearing a face mask at Cracker Barrel to protect yourself and others from COVID-19?

Oh, you already knew that? Because you learned it in 7th grade? Well, Marj finally came to that realization after she was criticized by both Republicans and Democrats for repeatedly comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust.

Greene held a press conference after her museum visit, where she apologized for her previous statements comparing masks to Jews being forced to wear yellow Star of David badges. Greene said, “This afternoon, I visited the Holocaust Museum … The Holocaust is — there’s nothing comparable to it. It’s — it happened, and, you know, over six million Jewish people were murdered. More than that, there were not just Jewish people — Black people, Christians, all kinds of groups. Children. People that the Nazis didn’t believe were good enough or perfect enough.”

Greene continued, “But there is no comparison to the Holocaust. And there are words that I have said, remarks that I have made, that I know are offensive, and for that, I want to apologize.”

But before you go thinking that MTG has turned over a new leaf, she still compared Socialist Democrats to the Nazi party. Greene, like many bad faith conservatives before her, drew comparisons between Socialist Dems and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Never mind that the Nazi party was in fact an authoritarian nationalist regime that rounded up and executed communists.

But despite MTG’s “hey, I learned a thing!” press conference, many are calling her out on being disingenuous. After all, she has yet to apologize for countless remarks she’s made that are racist, anti-Semitic (Jewish space lasers), anti-Muslim, and transphobic. And let’s not forget her targeted harassment of Parkland school shooting survivor and activist David Hogg and her aggressive confrontations with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Oh, and her devotion to all things QAnon.

It would be one thing if MTG was ignorant but willing to learn. But she clearly knows better, and even admitted to visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp when she was 19. Her apology reeks of insincerity and self-promotion, a flailing attempt to regain Republican support. It also echoes her apology to Congress where she admitted that 9/11 was real and that school shootings happen.

And for that, Republicans gave her a standing ovation. For acknowledging our shared reality. The bar is subterranean.

Many took to Twitter to call out MTG’s insincerity and craven behavior:

(via Washington Post, image: screencap/Guardian News)

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