Magic Knight Rayearth
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Get Ready for the Return of Some Classic ’90s Magical Girl Realness

The girls of Magic Knight Rayearth are finally returning to screens to celebrate their 30th anniversary!

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Magic Knight Rayearth is a Japanese manga series that was first serialized in November 1993 in the magazine Nakayoshi. The series ran until 1996, with a 49-episode anime adaption airing from 1994 to 1995. An OVA of the series titled Rayearth was produced in 1997, which featured an alternate retelling of the original classic.

Now, to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Magic Knight Rayearth will be greeting fans once more with a new series.

Everything to know about the upcoming Magic Knight Rayearth series

On July 2, 2024, the announcement for the new Magic Knight Rayearth series was published on X (formerly Twitter). The tweet included a new trailer and visual with some of the original manga illustrations, as well as scenes from the 1994 original series.

The caption of their tweet reads, “Launching a new project for Magic Knight Rayearth! In celebration of the ‘Magic Knight Rayearth’ anime’s 30th anniversary, a new animation project has been launched! Stay tuned!”

As of this writing, details regarding the release date, anime format, number of episodes, voice cast, and other production details have yet to be released.

What is Magic Knight Rayearth about?

Magic Knight Rayearth revolved around three eighth-grade girls, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu. During their field trip to Tokyo Tower, the girls get magically transported from modern-day Japan into the magical world of Cephiro.

At Cephiro, they are greeted by a mage named Clef. Soon, they are tasked to rescue Princess Emeraude, who was kidnapped by the priest Zagato. With Cephiro on the brink of collapse if Princess Emeraude is unable to sing, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu—along with magical powers as Magic Knights—learn to band together to save Cephiro.

The series blends the magical girl and mecha anime genres with isekai fantasy, making it a hit for those with a penchant for adventure!

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