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This Walking LEGO Strandbeest is the Most Awesome and Terrifying Thing You’ll See All Day [Video]

It may look like a LEGO version of Howl's Moving Castle, but this creepy crawler is inspired by even more unnerving counterparts from the art world.

Many ambitious LEGO builders might create a model village, a full-size X-Wing, or even a stop-motion wizard fight. Designer Jason Allemann decided to go even further and strike horrifying awe into the world by constructing a remote-controlled walking machine out of the iconic bricks– a LEGO Strandbeest. The video above shows is proof that it can really move on those spindly legs, which, yes, is as creepy as it sounds. It’s a tech demonstration and a short horror film rolled into one!

While this shambling construct looks like it was inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle or steampunk aesthetic, Allemann’s idea actually came from a series of pieces called “Strandbeests” by sculptor Theo Jansen. But how exactly did he make the beest come to life? “Power and control is provided by the LEGO Power Functions system, which includes the remote control, IR receiver, battery box and two M-size motors,” Allemann said.

If you want to see more of the Strandbeest after watching the video above, Allemann has put up photos of it on his Flickr page. And if you have the time and devotion needed to build one yourself, then we doff our caps to you — you can find the parts required and the instructions here. Whether you find the beest cool or creepy, kudos to Allemann for bringing something very unique to the world of LEGO.

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