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Watch LEGO Voldemort and LEGO Gandalf Go At It in Wand to Staff Combat [Video]

Next up: Gandalf calls Remus Lupin's wife a "fool of a Tonks."

While sometimes we long for the days when LEGO sets didn’t always tie in to popular franchises and children had to use their imaginations to play with them, we’re generally in favor of themed sets — after all, having LEGO-fied versions of your favorite heroes and villains pretty much rocks. The creators of Brotherhood Workshop must agree, because their YouTube channel is filled with amusing stop motion LEGO videos that feature characters from Lord of the Rings and, most recently, Harry Potter

The Dark Lord Sauron might be too much for Gandalf the Grey to handle on his own, but the Dark Lord Voldemort? Apparently not so much.

More of the Brotherhood’s videos can be found on their YouTube page.

(Brotherhood Workshop via The Mary Sue)

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