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What’s Going on With ‘Bando Stone and the New World’?

Get ready, Donald Glover fans—the polymath is releasing a new album and—allegedly—movie soon. In whatever form Bando Stone and the New World ends up coming to us, we’re excited.

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Glover is perhaps most famous for his role as Troy Barnes in the hit comedy show Community, an ex-high school football star who gets caught up in shenanigans at Greendale Community College. Glover would go on to create the show Atlanta and hit music and music videos like “This is America” as the rapper Childish Gambino.

Childish Gambino’s upcoming album Bando Stone & The New World is set to release on July 19. As for the movie of the same name, there is currently no release date for it … In fact, there are theories it might not actually exist, despite the recent release of a full trailer. For a number of reasons, some are theorizing the marketing for the film is actually just promo for the album.

The possibly real film features the musician Bando Stone, played by Donald Glover, in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by weird, murderous monsters. Along the way, Bando meets up with Jessica Allain, a survivor like him, along with her son, and they both learn to navigate the new world together.

The film looks fairly promising so far, though we don’t have a proper plot synopsis out yet. This would be Glover’s directorial feature debut, though he has substantial writing and directing credits for shows like Swarm, Atlanta, and the stellar Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

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