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We Can’t Wait to Watch Donald Glover’s New Movie … If It Actually Exists

Bando Stone can’t hunt, fish, or set a trap … but he can sing! That’s one of the tidbits we gleaned from the hot new trailer for Donald Glover’s next movie, an action comedy called Bando Stone & the New World.

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So far, the film is shrouded in a bit of mystery. In fact, some diehard Glover fans aren’t positive there actually is a movie on the horizon; many are convinced the trailer is just an elaborate marketing gimmick to promote the multi-talented performer’s upcoming, and final, Childish Gambino album.

After watching the trailer for Bando Stone & the New World, we sincerely hope that theory gets debunked quickly because this movie looks like a blast!

Bando Stone & the New World was written by Evi Wilder, a completely unknown screenwriter, which is one of the main reasons some internet sleuths are convinced the film is bogus. Another big reason is the lack of an IMDb entry for the movie, which is unusual since the trailer has already dropped. But, assuming Wilder is a real person (or a pseudonym), here’s everything we know about Glover’s newest film so far.

The premise

Glover, who also produced the film with RCA Records via his new Gilga production company, stars in the title role as Bando Stone. Stone is a famous singer/performer who has seemingly been holed up on his own somewhere alone, so he’s unprepared for what he encounters when he steps outside to a changed world. He wanders around for a while searching for other human survivors, but remains alone until a woman (Jessica Allain) discovers him in a convenience store and they join forces to travel across the island.

Bando Stone talks to a Black woman and her child

The woman is traveling with her child, who is played by Glover’s real-life oldest son, Legend Glover. In the trailer, the trio runs for their lives as they’re chased first by a giant rhino and second by some sort of mysterious laser monster; encounter a squid the size of a building sprawled across the beach, and take a dip into some very toxic water. It’s a dystopian land like something out of Jurassic Park, and Glover’s got the perfect snarky wisecrack for every occasion.

Production information is limited

Along with starring in Bando Stone & the New World, Glover produces and directs. Aside from who’s in the trailer, there’s no additional word on other stars who could round out the cast. What we do know is that Glover’s alter ego, Childish Gambino, will release the last studio album under this name to serve as the film’s soundtrack.

On July 7, 2024 Gambino dropped the first single from that album, “Lithonia,” which you can hear playing in the trailer. This offering is expected to veer away from the artist’s usual sound and more towards rock and roll. The full Bando Stone & The New World album will be released on July 19.

Fans will get a chance to hear the whole album during an interactive stage experience Gambino plans to hold on July 6 in New York City. The performer will then embark on the New World Tour beginning on August 11, 2024, in Oklahoma City, and wrapping up in Perth, Australia on February 11, 2025. Willow and Aamarae will open for Gambino on the tour.

When can where can we watch Bando Stone?

There is no official release date for Bando Stone & the New World, but we’ll let you know as soon the information becomes available. (If it ever does …!)

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