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Be Part of NASA History: Tweet Your Shuttle Pics for New Exhibit


If you have pictures of the Space Shuttle Enterprise, The Intrepid, Sea, Space & Air Museum would like to talk to you. Well, not so much talk to you as just have you tweet at them, but still — the Intrepid Museum wants to you to communicate with them, because they want to use your pictures of the shuttle in a new exhibit.

The mass collection of Enterprise photos is part of an effort to create a exhibit called Space Shuttle Enterprise: A Pioneer, part of which the Intrepid Museum calls a “one-of-a-kind, crowdsourced display of photographs,” and they want to pull them from every era of the shuttle’s life. The exhibit is meant to fill the void left when the museum had to close down its Shuttle Pavillion and Enterprise exhibit after Hurricane Sandy.

The museum hopes to have the full shuttle exhibit back up by the summer of this year, but in the meantime, they’re willing to settle for a bunch of photos. To make the audience feel involved, they want to crowdsource those photos. They put the call out to the general public today on Twitter:

If you want your photos of the Shuttle to get their moment in the spotlight, just jump on Twitter or Instagram and post them with the hashtag #IntrepidShuttle to submit them

(via Intrepid Museum or Sea, Space & Air)

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