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NASA’s New IXS Enterprise Faster-Than-Light Warp Drive Ship Designs Look Awesome

Please make it so, NASA.

Physicist Harold White has been working on a real-life warp drive concept that was revealed publicly back in 2012, but as the idea has progressed towards (hopefully) eventual reality, the "Enterprise" ship has seen a really impressive redesign.

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Things We Saw Today: David Bradley as William Hartnell As The Doctor

Things We Saw Today

The 50th Anniversary excitement continues. This image was officially released after Paris Comic Con last week, and features David Bradley, who you may know a Argus Filch and Walder Frey, in the role of William Hartnell for the film about Doctor Who's beginnings, An Adventure in Space and Time.(via Doctor Who TV)

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The Starship Enterprise Appears to be Surveying Earth From The Moon

The Final Frontier

This amazing photo was taken in broad daylight, and is interesting enough as a fascinating shot of the moon.  But it's doubly exciting because it looks like the Enterprise is drifting over the moon, and George Takei agrees, commenting on his facebook page,"My goodness, from this angle it looks like a certain starship I once flew." Unfortunately, Spock, Kirk, Sulu and company have not traveled back in time to our present day, and the shot in reality shows the International Space Station, photographed by Maximilian Teodorescu, a Romanian photographer.  Still, regardless of whether we're seeing the Enterprise or the ISS, the photograph and the space station photographed are amazing.

(via i09)

Previously in Star Trek

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Be Part of NASA History: Tweet Your Shuttle Pics for New Exhibit

If you have pictures of the Space Shuttle Enterprise, The Intrepid, Sea, Space & Air Museum would like to talk to you. Well, not so much talk to you as just have you tweet at them, but still -- the Intrepid Museum wants to you to communicate with them, because they want to use your pictures of the shuttle in a new exhibit.

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The White House Is Sick Of Your Joke Petitions, Quadruples the Number of Signatures Required for an Official Response

the internet is serious business

Attention, American public: The White House has seen your petitions about building a Death Star, investigating the feasibility of building the Enterprise, and giving each state an official Pokémon. In one case they even responded in a particularly awesome way. But now they have another message for you: Cut it out, guys. It's getting tired.

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The Worst People in the Galaxy: Star Trek Characters We Never Want to See Again

Like we'll wager a lot of you, we're getting pumped for a new Star Trek movie -- especially with the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness dropping today. We're really excited to see what characters from the show may get renewed leases on life in the fresh timeline they now have to play with. Through a history spanning six decades, there are plenty of characters in the Trek universe that we have come to love dearly as well as a few that we've come to loathe with all the strength in our black little hearts. Recently, we turned to Facebook -- on our page and our own walls -- to find out who the most reviled characters in Trek history were, and we've got them here for your perusal. Feel free to let us know how right or wrong we are in the comments, as it wouldn't be a Star Trek conversation without a nerd fight or two.

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Warp Drive Tech May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Still Probably Impossible

The warp drive that powered the Enterprise and enabled the ship to travel faster than the speed of light may not be a flight of fancy, says a NASA physicist. A design for a similar drive was proposed by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre almost 20 years ago, but its energy consumption would have been outlandish, rendering it impractical. However, Harold White at the the Johnson Space Center has made some tweaks to the original design that he thinks could move faster than light travel from fiction to science. No, it doesn't involve dilithium crystals. Yeah, we're disappointed about that too.

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You Could Design the Next Starship Enterprise

Star Trek Online has announced a very intriguing contest: starting on December 9th, they're going to start taking design submissions on the next version of the Enterprise. One lucky winner will have their idea made into an actual in-game ship. What's most intriguing is the implication that this will make their design canonical. Cryptic's announcement states that they are working with CBS to offer the contest, which begs the question: is the new design going to be used in a future Star Trek movie?

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1:1 Scale Model of Star Trek’s Enterprise-D Built in Minecraft

This is presently at the top of Reddit, so apologies if you've already seen it, but it's incredible enough to be worth the reshare: YouTube's halnicholas has used the wondrous sandbox of Minecraft to create a 1:1 scale model of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Enterprise-D. Keeping in mind that every block in Minecraft has dimensions of 1m^3:

The original Enterprise is 642.5 Meters x 467.0 Meters x 137.5 Meters. This is about 3m per deck. Sadly, with the 1m deck you have to walk on, that only leaves 2m left over for hallway space. As your character is only 1.7m tall, you will be bumping your head around a lot. I decided to make the ship 22% bigger, so I could have 4 m per deck. That puts the final size @ 785m x 570m x 168m. I made my "pit" 800x600x180 to fit all 42 decks and almost made a critical error. Even though there are 42 decks on the enterprise, the 2nd deck is split into two half-decks, making actually 43. I made the pit bigger than she ship so I could have a little wiggle room and just missed making it too shallow. In my testing, the halls can get a little cramped. The current decks are just a guideline and framework. They don't call it "Creative Mode" for nothing. The halls are going to be sand-obsidian-sand (To give that light brown look with the black touch panel in the center) I'd show a demo, but Minecraft is down. I would like to mod my server so that sand doesn't fall. That would bee cool. I also don't know how to fly yet, will be making it much easier to work on the ship.
There's still work to be done, though: For one, this ship wouldn't fit in Minecraft Alpha (!) and is currently hosted on a creative server, so Alpha would have to up its maximum game depth to allow it into the wild; for another, halnicholas needs to "model and import the warp nacelles, just so I have the framework there" and cut out some of the Adminium [bedrock]. Last but not least: An anti-griefing policy to keep this remarkable work from turning into rubble. (via Reddit; h/t RPS)

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The Evolution of the Star Trek Warp Jump [Video]

Excellent video illustrating the evolution of the Star Trek warp jump as seen in every Star Trek movie since 1979 via Gizmodo. For my money, the coolest is the jump from KHAAAAN! Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), depicted above.

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