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New Google Glass Video Shows What It’s Like Actually Using Glass


We’ve done a lot of stories on Google Glass, because we think it’s interesting. For as much as we’ve written about it on the site, we’ve never actually had the opportunity to try it ourselves, so it leaves us wondering what using it is really like. This new introductory video demonstrates how to the use Glass’s touch navigation, but also gives us a better idea of what using it is like.

It looks like the interface is pretty similar to Google Now in the way it breaks information and alerts into cards. The touch navigation looks like it could take some getting used to. Not because its gestures are complicated, but because if you’re using the device heavily it would require a lot of time tapping and swiping at the side of your head.

We’ve also seen voice features in earlier videos, so I’d imagine most users will use some combination of the two and navigate however they feel most comfortable — either by tapping their head or by talking to themselves. It’s probably going to take some getting used to either way.

(YouTube via The Next Web)

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