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In Which Robert Scoble Addresses an Issue With Google Glass We’d Forgotten to Be Worried About [Video]

Proles like you and I won’t be have the chance to lay our hands on Google Glass until next year, but it’s never too early to start worrying about the etiquette complications that go along with a piece of wearable technology that can take a picture of whatever you’re looking at at send it directly to the Internet. For example, what do you do with the thing when you go to the bathroom? According to tech evangelist and professional nerd Robert Scoble, keep calm and keep your Google Glass on.

In this video from The Next Web conference in Amsterdam, Scoble explains that his Google Glass has disappeared onto his face, and that he doesn’t even think about taking them off when he uses the restroom. He reports visiting about 20 public restrooms recently. Scoble hasn’t taken off his Google Glass in any of them, and hasn’t encountered any problems so far. After all, he points out, the device isn’t capturing data at all times — just when you tell it to. So as long as you’re not telling Glass to take a picture in the bathroom — and there are a grand total of zero compelling reasons for you to do that — then wearing them there shouldn’t be an issue.

And let’s face it — the way most of us use our phones in bathrooms already, this is frankly just a much more sanitary way of doing things. You don’t even have to touch anything. Although the person in the next stall will totally hear when you tell your face-puter to check Twitter. What can I tell you, there are tradeoffs in everything we do.

Bonus points for those of you playing Awkward Phrases In YouTube Videos Bingo: the interviewer opens with the sentence “I couldn’t help thinking of you while I was doing a pee,” which seems like it has to be good for a square.

(via TheNextWeb)

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