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Google Glass Already Jailbroken by Efficient Hackers


Like any recent gadget on the market, the race to jailbreak Google Glass was on as soon as the device was announced. Now that the Explorer Edition, which is just another way to say that they’re still kind of testing things, is out, folks are fast at working trying to bend and not break it. For anyone that thought it might take any real length of time: Surprise! Google Glass has already been jailbroken.

The man getting the majority of the press for jailbreaking Google Glass, Jay Freeman aka saurik, isn’t the only one to have done so according to the Verge. They’re saying another developer, Liam McLoughlin, cracked the code as well. Freeman’s more notorious, though, due to his association with jailbreaking on iOS.

So, what can they do now that they’ve cracked Glass? It’s hard to say, but one thing’s for certain: It should be very, very interesting. They’re similar in internal structure and yet vastly different in execution to the smartphones folks are used to tinkering with, so it’s kind of up in the air as to what they’ll be able to do.

(Forbes via The Verge)

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