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Princess Benedict Sparklefists and More: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Photoshops of 2014

Whoops, our hands slipped.


  1. Tuxedo Who? Tuxedo Who? Geekosystem Podcast Episode 17 “Whommer Pants”

    Back in the Before Time, when Geekosystems still freely roamed the land, the twelfth Doctor's costume was revealed and Victoria immediately thought of Sailor Moon because of course she did. (for the record, I have other hobbies)

  2. Robot Valentines Robot Valentines 14 Robot Valentine's Day Cards To Warm Your Cold, Mechanical Heart

    Another Geekoystem classic that taught us the true meaning of love, and how our automaton overlords will one day enslave us all.

  3. No Flower Crown For You No Flower Crown For You Vikings Visual Recap: Unforgiven

    Flower Crowns were made for Athelstan. We merely provided the opportunity.

  4. Orphan Black Shenanigans <em>Orphan Black </em>Shenanigans Orphan Black Visual Recap: Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things

    Jill really loved that she could make this reference.

  5. Thor Broke the Rainbow Bridge Thor Broke the Rainbow Bridge Vikings Visual Recap: Season Finale, “The Lord’s Prayer”

    Like you AREN'T dying for a Thor/Vikings crossover. You're welcome!

  6. Brienne of Darth Brienne of Darth The Internet Reacts to Lupita and Gwendoline’s Star Wars Casting, Twitter and Photoshop Edition

    She's worth her weight in midichlorians.

  7. Stan Love Batman Love Superman Stan Love Batman Love Superman Stan Lee Jokes Batman v Superman Would Make More Money With Him in It, Talks Avengers 2 Cameo

    Of course, Batman V Superman would also make a lot more money if the two superheros would just hug it out all tender-like rather than punch each other a lot like we know they're going to.

  8. 50 Shades of THIS IS PATRICK 50 Shades of THIS IS PATRICK We Figured Out How to Improve the 50 Shades Trailer—Add Judgmental Cartoon Characters

    None of us remember how this idea came to fruition, exactly—not even Rebecca herself, who tells us that "the genesis of that post is lost in the mists of my own mind." That doesn't mean we don't thank her every day for her inscrutable genius. Miss you, girl.

  9. Benedict Clevergirl Benedict Clevergirl Bad Photoshop Theater Presents: 10 Movies Benedict Cumberbatch Hasn’t Been Rumored For

    Once upon a time, everyone wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to play everything.

  10. The Treachery of Sanrio The Treachery of Sanrio This Just In: Hello Kitty Is Not a Cat

    Let's also not forget this image's natural follow-up, Kitty Bluth.

  11. The Fellowship of the Butt The Fellowship of the Butt Marvel, This Is When You Send An Artist Back To The Drawing Board

    Maybe our feats of photoshop got a bit lost in the ensuing nerd rage, but that's a good thing, because it clearly gave Frodo Baggins the cover he needed to destroy the RIng and save Middle-Earth from the Butt Lord. Err, Dark Lord. Okay.

  12. Downton "The Rock" Johnson Downton What Other Anachronistic Items Were Left In That Downton Abbey Promo Pic?

    Rebecca sure does love The Rock, and this was one of her finest achievements. He'll do quite well in the upper echelons of British society.

  13. Whiny Babygate Whiny Babygate Man Who Sparked Gamergate Says The Movement Is “For The Best” Despite Harassment

    We channelled a lot of our Gleepergorp frustrations into putting captions on hilariously appropriate stock photos, but this one is far and away our favorite.

  14. Princess Benedict Sparklefists Princess Benedict Sparklefists Hey, Marvel! Here’s 19 Actors You Should Seriously Consider Casting For Your Captain Marvel Movie

    After rumors of Cumberbatch's role as Dr. Strange hit the Internet just moments before Marvel announced the upcoming Captain Marvel film, what were we supposed to do? Not suggest him to play Carol Danvers? Did you not see how we photoshopped him into a movie about dinosaurs previously?

  15. Game of Thrones Boobs Pods Game of <del>Thrones</del> <del>Boobs</del> Pods Turkish Military Academies to Ban Game of Thrones, We’ll Give You 2 Guesses Why

    Really, it's because of Podrick's unspeakable magnetism. Look his his face naturally gravitated to these tatas!



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