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5 Favorite Female Friendships (and Why We Need More in Pop Culture)

When it comes to female friendship, television shows are often woefully lacking. Either women are pitted against each other or their relationships revolve around the men in their lives (that's if there is more than one female character in the first place). For those of you who value women’s friendships as much as I do, here is a list of my most beloved friendships between two women.

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Downton Abbey Recap: The Finale

After six seasons—spanning over a decade from 1912 to 1925—the tale of the Crawleys and their servants at Downton Abbey has finally come to an end, and through the power of television, it’s like none of them aged a day (as Maggie Smith is prone to pointing out, The Dowager Countess must be like 200 years old now).

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Downton Abbey Recap: Season 6, Episode 8

This is it, guys: the penultimate episode of Downton Abbey. It’s the finale before the Finale, so it’s a bit longer than other episodes, meaning this recap is a bit longer than other recaps. That also means more gifs, so ...

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Downton Abbey Recap: Season 6, Episode 7

How are we already at episode seven of just nine episodes of the very last season of Downton!? It’s gone by so quickly, though not quite with the speed and finesse of one Henry Talbot: racecar driver on the fast track to Mary’s heart.

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Downton Abbey Recap: Season 6, Episode 6

We can all safely assume that the bloodshed of last week’s episode has been adequately mopped up, because this week begins with the Crawleys planning to open Downton to the general public as a means of charity for—you guessed it—The Hospital.

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Downton Abbey Recap: Season 6, Episode 5

I’m not actually sure that this week’s episode of Downton was an episode of Downton. I think I may have accidentally switched to my DVR’s backlog of Game of Thrones. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Downton Abbey Recap: Season 6, Episode 4

With The Carsons on their honeymoon (in “Scarborough” which I suspect is just code for “an opium den in Paris”) Thomas Barrow has ascended the throne of Butlerhood and is reminding the staff of his new, glittery position at every turn.

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Downton Abbey Recap: Series 6, Episode 3

Episode 3 begins with BFFs Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore trudging up the 3,000 miles of stairs to the servants' quarters nestled in the attics of Downton. Mrs. Patmore is a bit miffed that Mrs. Hughes doesn’t seem more excited about being on the brink of wedded bliss. Mrs Hughes responds by saying, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the brink of anything—except maybe the grave.” Savage!

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Downton Abbey Recap: Season 6, Episode 2

Episode two finds Lady Mary delving into her latest venture: piggies (which was rather topical when the episode aired in the UK, the same week as Cameron’s #Piggate).

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Downton Abbey: Season 6, Episode 1 Recap

Picture it: Yorkshire, 1925.

The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey begins exactly how you predicted it would: with the Crawleys preparing for a hunt. Because despite the fact that the times they are a changin’, and the estate may quickly become more than they can handle financially, there are some distinct pleasures of the upper class lifestyle that they just refuse to part with.

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Awkward Sex Talks and a Controversial Fridge: What to Expect from Downton Abbey‘s Final Season

September 20th marks the day the final season of Downton Abbey begins airing in the UK. Those of us in the U.S. have to wait until January to find out whether the Crawleys and their league of staff and acquaintances will head off into the sunset at the end of the Roarin’ Twenties (where sunset here refers, historically, to The Great Depression).

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Behind Faves: Why We Grow Emotionally Attached to Celebrities

Earlier this week I wrote about Why We Get Attached to Fictional Characters, wherein I touched on some of our subconscious, psychological motivations for developing an intense emotional bond with a character in our favorite book or TV show.

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Downton Abbey Co-Creator and Writer on Show’s Feminist and Sexuality Influences

Some of the cast and crew of Downton Abbey came out to Los Angeles to speak on a panel discussion about the show's final season. Julian Fellowes' (co-creator, writer) shared his thoughts on how feminism and sexuality influenced the show and its characters.

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Why Maggie Smith Has To Die At The End of Downton Abbey

What should the final episode look like?

It appears the mutterings about Downton Abbey ending were rooted in truth: series six is likely to be the ITV costume drama’s last.

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Downton Abbey’s Rob-James Collier Gives Us the Downton/Star Wars Mash-Up We Didn’t Realize We Wanted

"Why must you always walk in the light, Bates?"

I always knew that Thomas Barrow on Downton Abbey used the Dark Side of the Force. Thankfully, the actor who plays him, Rob-James Collier, is much less dark. Using only his iPhone during his down time on the set of Downton (they apparently have a lot of it on this set), he's created a Downton/Star Wars mash-up film for charity.

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The Ladies of Downton Abbey Get Gloriously Crass in a Round of Cards Against Humanity

Do you think they were on drugs when they made this?

I wonder what the Dowager would think of this?

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Things We Saw Today: A Life-Sized Downton Abbey Dowager Countess Cake Shaped Like Maggie Smith

I feel bad for wanting to eat it?

This cake was made by cake and chocolate artist Karen Portaleo for the Downton Abbey Season 5 premiere party. It took 18 hours to make. May there be many more Maggie Smith cakes and statues to come. (via Jezebel)

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Princess Benedict Sparklefists and More: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Photoshops of 2014

Whoops, our hands slipped.

Here at The Mary Sue, we try to report on all the news that's fit to geek out about in comics, gaming, pop culture, science, and more. But c'mooon. Let's not kid ourselves here. You all tune in because you want to see our ridiculous photoshop skills, right? Screw having nuanced, critically-minded opinions when we can just throw a picture of '90s Dwayne Johnson wherever we want and call it a day, right? Yeah, you get us.

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Things We Saw Today: Quick! To the Batmobile (Slippers)!

There's no time to sleep, Robin!

I've got to get me one of those.

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Scarlett Johansson Making the Move to TV in Edith Wharton Period Drama

The average person only uses 10% of their corsets.

We all know Scarlett Johansson can kick butt literally, but it's been a while since we saw her BAMF-ery demonstrated in a less overtly action-packed role. But that's all about to change—thanks to Sony Television Pictures, Scar Jo is about to ditch her gauntlets and grace the small screen as one of American literature's most ruthless female characters.

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