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Checking In With Game of Thrones, Season 7: Got Sexism?

So, how are the women of the Seven Kingdoms faring these days? Let's have a look. **SPOILERS GALORE: Do not read if you're not caught up.**

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#NoConfederate Trends Worldwide, Prompting a Limp, Underbaked HBO Non-Statement

#NoConfederate took the number one spot on the top trending topics in the United States and number two worldwide. HBO issued a lukewarm, soggy bottomed statement in response.

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Let HBO Know How You Feel About Confederate By Tweeting #NoConfederate During Game of Thrones Tonight

To let HBO know how offensive and ill-considered their upcoming Confederate show is, users will tweet #NoConfederate to @HBO while Game of Thrones airs from 9-10PM EST on Sunday, July 30.

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12 Fantasy Books with Powerful Female Warriors

These characters won't back down.

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Things We Saw Today: Anne Hathaway Regrets Not Trusting Past Director Because She Was a Woman

Anne Hathaway continues to prove she was undeserving of the incredible amount of hate she endured for years by owning up to a past mistake.

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Here’s a Thing That Happened: The Webby Awards Nominees Announced

It's that wonderful time of the year when we get to celebrate all of the great things that came out of the internet.

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Things We Saw Today: This Beauty and the Beast and “Bad and Boujee” Mashup Is Pure Magic

A new Beauty and the Beast parody proves that Belle is boujee as hell.

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Why Criticizing the Things We Love Is More Important Than Ever

If you’re able to admit that your favorite show has a serious problem with gratuitous and poorly executed rape scenes, you’ll be better able to admit that hey, maybe you need to do more than wear a safety pin to help those who are endangered by the incoming Trump administration.

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James Corden, Alan Cumming, Jesse Tyler Ferguson Perform Inappropriate Musicals About Stranger Things & More TV Faves

We're living in a time when just about anything can be turned into a musical, and many shows try to have a "musical episode." Well, it seems the folks at The Late, Late Show with James Corden want to help the creators of Stranger Things and Game of Thrones along. They even pay homage to Breaking Bad! Join Corden, along with guests Alan Cumming and Jesse Tyler Ferguson as they perform Inappropriate Musicals based on your favorite shows.

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HBO Chief Somehow Unprepared To Face Questions About Sexualized Violence on Shows

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour yesterday, new HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys took the stage in a question and answer session on behalf of the network. Moments into the Q&A, though, Bloys seemed unable or perhaps incapable of answering the questions that were posed regarding the decision of the network's shows to equip the plot device of sexualized violence against women.

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Netflix Has Finally Released Their Super-High Viewership Numbers. But Why Now?

Remember last January, when NBC hired a tech firm in order to figure out Netflix's viewership numbers, because Netflix refused to release them? Netflix is singing a different tune now.

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The Mary Sue Roundtable: Game of Thrones, Season Six

Weekend Editor Carly Lane and Assistant Editors Jessica Lachenal and I got together for a chat about our feelings surrounding last season of Game of Thrones, and the recently-ended Season Six.

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Things We Saw Today: Fan-Crafted Mario Kart 8 Nursery

Geek parents FTW!

One super-crafty Nintendo fan has designed an impressive Mario Kart 8-themed nursery, following on the heels of beautifully designed Yoshi's Island and Zelda nurseries.

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CONvergence Attendees Stir Up Controversy With Recreation of Cersei’s Shame Walk

Sorry, no, it's not exactly satire.

Last night, we shared a story about CONvergence and the strides they've made towards improving diversity and creating safe spaces at conventions. Through that story, we heard about a group of cosplayers who got together to recreate Cersei's shame walk from Game of Thrones. For some people there, and for people who caught wind of it through the shared Instagram video, it felt strongly like a statement supporting slut-shaming and misogyny.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive Comic: Motivating Female Characters Is Hard, You Guys

If you really think sexual assault is necessary to motivate or precipitate hostility towards a character, maybe you're not doing writing right.

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George R.R. Martin Disappoints by Discussing Dragons vs. Sexual Violence Against Women in Fantasy Debate

And other nonsense things.

*Flips table.*

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Not Defined by Size: Positive Representations of Plus-Size Women in Media

My wife Raychel is plus-sized, loves Baltimore and ‘60s music, and has been a racial-justice activist since before we met, so I was a little surprised when I recently found out she’d never seen Hairspray and had no interest in it. When I asked why, she told me it was because at this point she’d just learned to assume anything with a fat girl in it was mocking that character.

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Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller Discusses the “Ubiquitous” Use of Sexual Assault on Television

"'A character gets raped' is a very easy story to pitch for a drama."

More prominent voices are speaking about about the current topic of sexual assault on TV. This time it's Hannibal's Bryan Fuller, who previously had a strong stance against it for his NBC series.

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The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week: Hoverboard Records, Go-Getters, and People Who “Get It”

You know what we love most about our TMS commenters? The fact that you're all such go-getters! We're honored that our posts inspire you all to pursue such greatness!

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The Mary Sue Editor in Chief Jill Pantozzi Talks to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin About Our Big Decision

[TW for discussion of rape] The Mary Sue will no longer be promoting HBO's Game of Thrones, but our editorial team will be making decisions on the newsworthiness of certain items as they arise. Earlier today our Editor in Chief Jill Pantozzi was asked to speak with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about our decision and what we think the series could have done differently.

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