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Pull Wisely: Civil War II, All-New Wolverine, Spider-Women Event Omega

This week's picks include a lot of superhero pulls: Civil War II, All-New Wolverine, Spider-Women Event Omega, and more!

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Pull Wisely: Faith #4, Over the Garden Wall #1, All-New Wolverine #7, and More!

What time is it? COMICS TIME! Welcome to this week's Pull Wisely, where Jessica Lachenal, Maddy Myers, and Yours Truly direct you toward ten titles that you might wanna check out.

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Marvel’s Dennis Hopeless and Nick Lowe Talk Writing a Single Mom Superhero in Spider-Woman

Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Javier Rodriguez's run on Spider-Woman has been pretty darn groundbreaking (or, uh, water-breaking, as the case may be).

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Priyanka Chopra Is Kamala Khan in Marvel Avengers Academy; Alison Brie, Dave Franco Also on Board

Over Twitter earlier today, Priyanka Chopra announced that she'll be joining the voice cast of Marvel Avengers Academy as Kamala Khan!

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Pull Wisely: All-New All-Different Avengers #4, Supergirl Vol. 1, and More!

Hey all! Welcome to another edition of Pull Wisely, brought to you by your very own TMS Pull Wisely crew: Maddy Myers, Teresa Jusino, and myself, Jessica Lachenal. Every week we bring you our top ten picks for brand new comics coming out this week. So without much further ado, here are our Pull Wisely pulls for the week of Wednesday, January 27th, 2016.

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All-New All-Different Pull Wisely: Hellcat #1

Even if you haven't read the archives of Patsy Walker or Hellcat, you're probably familiar with Trish Walker from Netflix's Jessica Jones, right? You might think that writer Kate Leth and illustrator Brittney Williams' new Hellcat series would capitalize on that same vibe -- but that's not the case at all. Instead, it's a lighthearted all-ages comedic story about Patsy's adventures.

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Things We Saw Today: New Webseries Typecatting Focuses on Species Disparity in Hollywood

It's really hard being an attractive cat in Tinseltown! No one wants to hear your opinions, thinks you're smart, or wants you to trade on anything other than your cute looks. Gizmo, the star of the upcoming webseries, Typecatting, totally gets it. Check out the trailer above.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: WeLoveFine Launches New Spider-Verse Collection

We've hit the jackpot!

How's a Spider-Fan supposed to stay comfy and warm now that fall weather is on its way? With WeLoveFine's newly-launched Spider-Verse collection, of course!

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Marvel Reveals Its “All-New, All-Different” Universe … and It’s Kinda Bonkers

Spider-Woman is what-now?

We've been hearing bits and pieces about Marvel's "All-New, All-Different" universe, but now the preview solicitations have gone out to comics retailers for 45 new titles, and because we live in The Digital Age, they've already hit the Internet. The "All-New, All-Different" universe is really living up to its name! Not only that, but it's providing some really interesting vehicles and stories for Marvel's female and minority superheroes.

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Marvel’s Spider-Ladies Join Secret Wars With New “Last Days” Books

Hang in there, gals! Ha ha ha. Ha.

We're well into Marvel's Secret Wars event now, in which both of their major universes are colliding and causing all sorts of nonsense for their ongoing series. Now, two of our favorite Spider-Gals, Spider-Woman and Silk, are joining the fray with their own "Last Days" titles.

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Things We Saw Today: Penny Dreadful Clue Is a Real Thing That Exists, Is Ideal

Perfect franchise team-up is perfect.

A mere $39.99 from Entertainment Earth, pre-order now for July. This means Tim Curry is going to appear on Penny Dreadful, yes?

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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

C'mon now.

You may not be surprised to learn that we don't like Frank Cho's Spider-Gwen sketch cover - but you may be surprised as to why.

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Pull Wisely: The Mary Sue’s Weekly Comic Counsel And Chat

Spider-Woman, Princess Leia, Halogen, and more!

Susana has tragically departed TMS, and we miss her constantly - but no more so than Tuesdays, when there is a Pull It Together-sized hole in our hearts and on our website. While I don't hope to live up to her awesome standards in comic taste, I'm going to be starting a new series here at TMS called Pull Wisely, where we give you short snippets of our comic recommendations for the week - and then ask for yours in the comments.

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[UPDATED] AAAAAAAH IT’S HAPPENING: Marvel Will Partner With Sony to Bring Spider-Man To The MCU


And they didn't even say which Spider-Man. EVERYBODY JUST BREATHE IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY

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[UPDATED] Marvel Announces New All-Female Avengers Team!

Get hype!

Look at that art! Not to be left out after DC announced twenty-four new titles this morning (including Black Canary!), Marvel decided to make a "game-changing" new series announcement of their own this morning.

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The Mary Sue’s Worst Moments in Female Fandom in 2014

On the upside, we got to snark a lot. On the downside... everything.

We try to see the positive in all situations around here at TMS, but occasionally, some things happen in fandom that we just have to call out. 2014 had a series of moments in which it didn't feel super-awesome to be a female fan of things like comics, cosplay, and video games, so let's take a look at the whole horrible list.

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Princess Benedict Sparklefists and More: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Photoshops of 2014

Whoops, our hands slipped.

Here at The Mary Sue, we try to report on all the news that's fit to geek out about in comics, gaming, pop culture, science, and more. But c'mooon. Let's not kid ourselves here. You all tune in because you want to see our ridiculous photoshop skills, right? Screw having nuanced, critically-minded opinions when we can just throw a picture of '90s Dwayne Johnson wherever we want and call it a day, right? Yeah, you get us.

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Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Landspeeder Kitty Bed

Meow the force be with you.

This bunny is named Benjamin Linus (yes, like that Ben Linus), and he is the best bunny cosplayer in the biz. He even has his own 2015 calendar. We're also partial to the Walter White cosplay. (via Fashionably Geek)

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Spider-Woman Gets Costume Redesign and WHOA DANG Is It Nifty

Where was this six months ago???

See, now that's how you make a Spider-Woman cover sexy without it feeling completely demeaning. Plus, get a load of that new costume!

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Marvel Comic Previews For Thor #2, Spider-Woman #1, Arrive

There must always be a Thor.

With the sad news about She-Hulk we posted about earlier today, we thought it might be worth it to remind folks Marvel still has a few female-led titles coming out soon.

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