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When You’re Sliding Into First… Avoid Diarrhea With a New App From the CDC… irst?

...or we guess you could probably use it to get diarrhea.


Millions of people contract diarrhea when traveling each year. At the very least, it can ruin your trip, but it can also pose a real health risk to some people. To help travelers avoid foods and drinks that could potentially cause diarrhea, the CDC has a new app that can identify potentially risky choices.

The app is called “Can I Eat This” (why not “Will This Give Me Diarrhea?”), and it’s free in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. It asks a series of questions about where you’re traveling and how the item was packaged to determine if what you’re about to ingest is likely to make your butt explode.

Can I Eat This

It’s not a guarantee that you’ll avoid the travel squirts, but better safe than squatting.

(Can I Eat This? via CBS Atlanta, image via Zoomar)

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