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Iris West’s Troubling Storyline on The Flash Episode “Trajectory”

When it comes down to it, I’m a fan of The Flash. I watch it live, I enjoy how they’ve brought in some of the weirder elements of the comics (heck yeah, King Shark!), and you better believe I’m giddy about the cross-dimensional, cross-network Barry/Kara team-up on Supergirl tonight. But, sometimes The Flash messes up, and sometimes its mess is really noticeable.

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Project Mc2: Netflix’s Science-Loving Secret Spy Girls

The Mary Sue is all about positive media for young girls, especially when it’s about girls embracing STEM studies. So I may have started grinning when I found Netflix had Project Mc2, a three-episode live action miniseries about four teenage girls who use their science know-how to be secret agents and save the day. Premiering earlier this month, I sped through the episodes quickly and found a lot to like, so let’s break it down.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Greg Weisman on His YA Adventure Kickstarter, Rain of the Ghosts

Greg Weisman is probably best known for his television work, producing amazing animated shows like Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice and Star Wars Rebels. In the last couple years, Weisman has released two YA adventure/paranormal novels: Rain of the Ghosts and Spirits of Ash and Foam. Both books are about Rain Cacique, a thirteen year old girl living in the Caribbean who has the ability to see ghosts.

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On The Importance Of Leslie Knope, Friendship, and Feminism

And waffles. Don't forget waffles.

There are some things that I will defend with my life about Parks and Recreation: that Donna Meagle is an inspiration for all women; that the Leslie/Ann friendship is unsinkable and beautiful like a butterfly; that April Ludgate was the best thing that could have possibly happened to Andy Dwyer. Parks and Rec ended less than a week ago and I can safely say it was one of the best series finales in television history.

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DC Comics’ Catwoman is Officially Bisexual — Here’s Why That’s Important

Catwoman #39 was released yesterday and confirmed what many fans have guessed over the years about everyone’s favorite cat burglar.

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Review: DC Comics’ Gotham Academy #4

Friends. You gotta get this comic.

Gotham Academy #4 is out this Wednesday. Let me tell you about Gotham Academy. Let me tell you why you should be buying Gotham Academy.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Is Actually About Why Cultural Appropriation Is Terrible

It’s Christmas time. Wreaths upon doors. Presents wrapped and under the tree. Songs of peace on earth and good will towards men. So … let’s talk about cultural appropriation! And kids movies!

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On That Legend of Korra Ending Scene & The Desire For Explicit Representation

Let's discuss FURTHER!

Yesterday, Legend of Korra more or less solidified what many LoK fans have been saying for a long time.

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Review: I Ship It Is The YouTube Tale Of A Pissed Off Hufflepuff And The Power Of Wizard Rock

Puff pride!

Wizard rock bands are one of those special aspects of the Harry Potter fandom that make me smile. Like fan fic and fanart creators, wizard rock bands take the Harry Potter canon and write songs about it. Sometimes it’s about actual settings or characters, but sometimes it just uses themes from the books (like love and heartbreak) as allegories. I Ship It is a short film about one girl’s chance at wizard rock stardom, emotional closure and maybe a little payback. Or a lot of payback.

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Review: Gail Simone’s Leaving Megalopolis and (the Blessed Lack of) Sexual Violence

In Gail we trust.

Leaving Megalopolis manages to be a story of heroes gone bad with bloody ultra-violence... without doing the things that make me crazy and drive me away from those kinds of stories.

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“I Guess Comics Aren’t for Me”—My Own Story of Childhood Gatekeeping and Why Just Making Girl-Friendly Comics Is Not Enough

With a special guest appearance from Animorphs!

August was certainly a busy, complicated, and frustrating month for women in nerd culture, wasn’t it? So guess who decided to write an article about her own experience with gatekeeping and why she didn’t get into comics until her 20s. I have either the best or worst timing for this.

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5 Feminist Lessons Little Girls Can Learn from Gravity Falls and Mabel Pines

I'm legalizing everything!

Aw yeah, the summer got a little sweeter in my house because Gravity Falls is back, baby! And when I say nearly a year, I mean the very next day marked a year since season one ended. Quite frankly, it’s been far too long since we’ve seen the Mystery Twins.

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Empathy and Megan Wallaby: Exploring One of Welcome to Night Vale’s Greatest Strengths

Hello, listeners!

Welcome to Night Vale draws from the weirder elements of The Twilight Zone, the sinister elements of Lovecraft, and the dark humor of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, but there are also oddly progressive aspects to its eponymous fictional town that we don’t always get to see in the real world. Like the townspeople's attitude toward the Apache Tracker, and the relationship between Cecil and Carlos. And then there's Megan Wallaby.

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