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Superman Artist and Legion of Superheroes Creator Al Plastino Has Died

December 15, 1921 - November 25, 2013


Artist Al Plastino has died. Plastino was an iconic artist in the DC universe who drew Superman, Superboy, and created the Legion of Superheroes. Glen Weldon, author of Superman: The Unauthorized Biography remembered Plastino this morning on his Twitter account and Tumblr. Plastino was 91.

Plastino not only drew Superman, but he changed him into a father-figure for Earth. Weldon said it best on Twitter:

For Weldon’s full write-up on Plastino, head over to his Tumblr. He’s also continuing to post about Plastino on Twitter.

Today’s a good day to read some classic Legion of Superheroes comics.

(via Glen Weldon, image via DC Comics)

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