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Mike Epps and Nia Long Will Star in ABC’s Uncle Buck TV Pilot

The return of the '80s continues.


If there’s one way to make the ’80s remake machine a lot easier to get behind, it’s diversity.

Mike Epps will take up the role of the titular Uncle Buck Russell, who was played by none other than John flippin’ Candy in the original 1989 movie. For those of you somehow unfamiliar with classic John Candy films, Buck is your average man-child who must learn how to be an adult by babysitting his brother’s three children when the family needs a bit of extra help—sort of the ’80s version of Big Daddy if you’re more of a ’90s kid.

Meanwhile, Nia Long will appear as Buck’s sister-in-law, Alexis Russell (Cindy in the original), who’s “the founder of her own nonprofit that mentors at-risk girls” in the TV reboot, according to THR. That’s likely to come into play with the oldest daughter, who was a bit rebellious in the original and matched wits with Buck.

So the new, racially updated Uncle Buck TV reboot will go ahead and get a pilot despite what John Hughes’ or John Candy’s familes think about it or what historically dubious connotations the title may have. At least if we know one thing for certain, it’s that—just like with the all-female Ghostbusters—this will probably bring out a bunch more anti-diversity crybabies for us to delight in their pain.


(via ABC, images via Visit El Paso and Wikipedia)

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