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Castle Rock Trailer Hints at a More Inclusive Version of the “World of Stephen King”

After the awesomeness that was 11/22/63, I've been very excited about Castle Rock, the upcoming collaboration between Hulu, Bad Robot, and horror legend Stephen King. I got even more excited when the news broke that Moonlight's Andre Holland was joining the cast as the series protagonist. Now, this first trailer for the series has me excited for many other reasons. Check it out after the jump!

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A NYCC Marvel Retailer Event Turned Ugly, With Complaints About “Freaking Females” and Diversity

At a retailers' breakfast happening adjacent to NYCC, comic retailers had a panel of Marvel editors, writers, and staff on hand to answer their questions. But a normally tame event erupted into bickering and boos, because our never-ending culture wars always seem to find a fresh battlefield.

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Things We Saw Today: Check Out All the Amazing Art of #DrawingWhileBlack

This weekend, the hashtag #DrawingWhileBlack will celebrate and appreciate black artists, illustrators, painters, and graphic designers. Follow the tag to bring tons of amazing art into your Twitter feed.

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Christopher Eccleston Says the Arts Are the “Tip of an Iceberg” When It Comes to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion go beyond race and even gender. Class is an important indicator of the advantages (or lack thereof) a person will have, and this can be compounded by race and gender to make things even worse for someone. In a recent interview, Christopher Eccleston talks about why it's important to think about this when it comes to diversity in the arts, and why the arts should only be a first step.

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Review: Detroit a Powerful Depiction of Racism That Manages to Erase Black Women

4 out of 5 stars.

They say that art imitates life, and at times of sociopolitical turmoil, art tends to take on a more dour, intense tone. Right now, there's Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit, a film that takes place in 1960s Michigan, but feels all-too-relevant to the present moment.

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Niecy Nash Reminds Chelsea Handler That Diversity Goes Beyond “Black and White Women”

We've written about TNT's Claws, which stars the incomparable Niecy Nash at the head of a diverse cast of nuanced female characters, has a black female showrunner, and was created, in part, by a woman of color. It's certainly an example of progress. But, as Nash points out in a recent appearance on Netflix's Chelsea, diversity goes beyond "black and white."

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NBC Is Kicking CBS’ Butt in the ‘Valuing Women’ Department

NBC's new "Female Forward" initiative seeks to provide women with the pathways to success that are so often closed to them, simply because of their gender.

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Former GitHub Employee Writes About Company’s Failure to Uphold Its Own Values

In "Antisocial Coding: My Year At Github," Coraline Ada Ehmke recalls her time of employment at the company's Community & Safety team.

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Gina Prince-Bythewood’s More Than Ready to Bring Superheroes to the Big Screen in a Post-Wonder Woman World

We were thrilled to learn that Love and Basketball and The Secret Life of Bees director Gina Prince-Bythewood was taking the helm of the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off film, Silver & Black, becoming the first black woman to direct a big-budget superhero movie. With Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman kicking ass at the box office the way it is, Prince-Bythewood is more than ready to bring superheroes to the big screen.

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Bentonville Film Festival: These Up-and-Coming Filmmakers Are Ones to Watch (Part 2)

What I love about the Bentonville Film Festival is that it celebrates diversity both on-screen and behind the camera.

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The Nominees for the 2017 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids’ Comics Are Almost All White

The nominees for the 2017 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids' Comics - named after the black writer, editor and publisher who created Static Shock - are almost all white. Seriously, comics?

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5 Ways Netflix’s Master of None Is Saving the World—Or, At Least Saving Television

I've been a huge fan of Aziz Ansari's Netflix comedy, Master of None, since its first season. However, if you've inhaled Season 2 like I have, you already know that this installment of Dev Shah's story takes things up to a whole new level. What's more, it's exactly the kind of show that can contribute to saving the world. Or, at least saving television. **SPOILERS AHOY IF YOU'VE NOT YOU'VE NOT YET WATCHED MASTER OF NONE S2**

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CBS Tries to Defend Its Lack of Women and POC Because Listening to Criticism Is Just Too Hard, Apparently

Putting the BS in CBS

CBS' new line of pilots features all male leads, all but one of whom are white, and all male showrunners. But they insist they're 'moving in the right direction.'

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Interview: Geena Davis Eloquently Dispels Myths About Gender and Representation in Hollywood

It's no secret that we here at The Mary Sue respect and admire Geena Davis for her work in bringing gender and diversity to the forefront of conversation.

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Coal Mining Drama Outsiders Cancelled To Make Room for More Diverse Shows

WGA America just made a bold move to their lineup.

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Awesomely Diverse TV Shows on the Way From Bend It Like Beckham Director Gurinder Chadha

Instead of waiting for interesting stories to be told, why not tell them yourself? That seems to be the motto of Gurinder Chadha, best known for directing international hits Bend It Like Beckham and Bride & Prejudice.

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Marvel VP Said Sales Slumped Because “People Didn’t Want Any More Diversity”

"They didn't want female characters out there."

In an interview at the Marvel Retailers Summit, Marvel's Senior VP of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel said, "What we heard was that people didn't want any more diversity. They didn't want female characters out there. That's what we heard, whether we believe that or not."

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Mark Zuckerberg Whitesplains Diversity to Black College Students in North Carolina

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has been on a tour of all 50 U.S. states to reach out to folks outside of Silicon Valley and learn a little more about what their lives are like —and how they feel about things like community and tech, presumably to make Facebook better at serving them. However, at a recent stop at a university in North Carolina, a discussion about diversity became uncomfortable to watch.

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The Number of Female Protagonists in Film Is at an Historic High. So Everything’s Fixed Now, Right?

There's a lot of good news/bad news when it comes to representation statistics in film.

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Only 22% of Children’s Book Characters Were People of Color in 2016

According to analysis from the Cooperative Children's Book Center, approximately 22% of children's books published in 2016 were about people of color, and approximately 12% were written or illustrated by people of color.

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